Engenes defend Ni-ki after some Enhypen fans say he's bullying other members

Engenes defend Ni-ki after some Enhypen fans say he's bullying other members
Fans support Ni-ki after he's called a bully (@enhypen/Instagram)

Enhypen’s fandom is currently divided as we have some fans suddenly demanding that Ni-ki leave his 7-member group after they felt he was bullying some of the members. Many find it outrageous but the situation has blown out of proportion and has ended up trending on Twitter, with many trying to clear his searches while anti-fans demand that he apologize and leave his group.

Some Engenes (Enhypen’s fandom) have been claiming that Ni-ki has been bullying Enhypen members, especially Sunoo. However, other fans feel that him teasing his group members is just a way of him showing affection to them and so calling him a bully is a stretch. Fans have also pointed out that the OT6 fans who are bashing Ni-ki and sending him death threats for allegedly bullying Sunoo are also cyberbullying him.

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Some fans think Ni-ki is bullying Sunoo (@ENHYPEN_members/Twitter)

Fans call Ni-ki a bully

Fans have taken it upon themselves to email Enhypen’s label Belift Lab to take action against the ones who are sending hate to Ni-ki. They also hope that the Enhypen members clarify that he has not been bullying them. In the meantime, a lot of Engenes are sending supportive messages to Ni-ki on social media hoping that he doesn’t see the hate that he has been getting.

The tweet that started it was by a fan who found it odd that Ni-ki kept throwing a plushie at Sunoo, “I seriously think that niki isnt a bully but he keeps acting this way towards sunoo every single time. It's weird.” Another fan then straight up called him a bully that blew up on January 22, “I'm still heartbroken over the fact that I found out that ni-ki is a bully.”



‘Grow up’

However, one Engene pointed out, “To all the ENGENEs out there calling Ni-ki a bully he literally said he’s closest to Sunoo? this is the same man which Sunoo says climbs into bed with him every night- Sunoo and Ni-ki best boys ever <3!” Another added, “And the fact I woke up to this whole mess weird ppl hating towards niki and called him a bully and send death threats??? guys hes 16 to remind u ?!?” One fan shared, “Niki is just teasing his older brothers. Niki is not a bully. Teasing is different from bullying. Come on guys grow up. You guys were also attacking Niki's parents like what a childish thing. You guys needs to stop.”

Another angry Engene tweeted, “Exactly like when it’s other groups’ maknaes doing the same thing they’re called “savage maknaes” but when it’s niki he’s a bully like i don’t understand ppl sometimes.” One fan posted, “I have so many things to say to you, but ni-ki don't mind them. You're one of the purest and the kindest person I've ever known. Look at you. You didn't forget your leader, oh. You are indeed our best boy. I love u all so much, keep safe luv.” Another fan felt if Ni-ki indeed had bullied Sunoo, then bullying him back wasn’t the answer, “He's a minor. maybe educating him is better than calling him a "bully". bullying him too is not the answer.”







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