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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller's emotional talk sparks meme fest

Johnny DePhillipo revealed to Victoria Fuller during their conversation about their families that his mother is ill and his elder brother is in jail
Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo look adorable in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo look adorable in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Victoria Fuller gushed to the cameras on November 14, "He's my person now, and I can picture him being my person forever," as her relationship with Johnny DePhillipo continued to blossom. Fans quickly took to social media to generate a meme fest as Victoria cheating on Johnny post-show does rounds.

Johnny and Victoria connected via their fathers, whom both display their affection via mocking and "loving" comments. "My dad used to call me pork chop growing up," Johnny recalled. "Like, 'Pork chop, what are you doing, fat boy?'" he added. Then Johnny confesses that his elder brother is presently in jail, which is obviously incredibly tough for his entire family. "My mom's not doing well," he acknowledges. "But she's strong, she's tough."


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"I now care for Victoria, so I want her to know all of me. This is real, and she needs to know the real me. This is not fake. This is the things I’m going through, my brothers are going through, my family is going through," Johnny said in his confessional. "It's scary. I don't want her to run away. That will scare people away," he added.

"I think it tells a lot about someone who can say, 'I'm there for you,'" he said. "Victoria is slowly becoming that person... I'm becoming more open to the possibility of being engaged... It's such a good feeling," he expressed.

During the Paradise finale, Johnny supposedly proposes to Victoria, and the couple leaves the reality dating show engaged. During their time in Mexico, the couple remained relatively drama-free, according to fans. When the couples were separated for a week due to a new season twist, Johnny avoided any potential love connection. While Victoria experienced a spark with contestant Alex Bordyukov, she chose to continue things with the New Jersey native. Although their time in Paradise was rather uneventful, it appears that a lot has happened between the two since they left the beach.

The couple seemed to be together again in August when Victoria posted a video on her Instagram story of her friend Natalie Joy, who is dating series alum, Nick Viall. While the group was partying at a pub, eagle-eyed viewers observed a man, who resembled Johnny, standing in the background. The former Peter Weber season contestant instantly deleted the clip from her social media.

However, suspicion regarding Johnny and Victoria's breakup caught attention on October 21 when Zachary Reality tweeted that one engaged pair from Season 8 had "already broken up." Given that Serene Russell and Brandon Jones are the only other couple who apparently exit the show engaged, viewers cited Victoria and Johnny for their breakup. The situation escalated when comedian Dave Neal, who broadcasts a Bachelor news YouTube program, said he had two sources close to the pair in Bachelor Nation who claimed Victoria "cheated twice" on Johnny, leading to their separation.

Things became much more complicated when two fans claimed to have seen Victoria in Italy with Greg Grippo, 29, in October. While others speculated that the eyewitnesses could have confused the previous Katie Thurston season contestant with Johnny, new photographs of the Bachelor Nation stars together have emerged. Mike Fleiss, the creator of 'The Bachelor', tweeted that a fan hypothesis was "absurd," claiming that "producers sent [Victoria] and [Greg] to Italy on purpose to make a scandal, so viewers are invested come reunion time." On November 4, Greg and Victoria appeared to confirm their romance after recording the tumultuous season 8 reunion when they met for a dinner party at Nick Viall's house.

Hence, it was no surprise that Victoria and Johnny's lovely moments will garner some memes from the fans after November 14 episode. First of many tweets read, "Hearing Victoria call Johnny her person knowing what we know." Another one added, "Victoria in paradise: “Johnny could be my forever person”. Victoria currently with Greg watching playback:" Looking at the conversation unfold, a fan wrote, "We'll Victoria I hate to say this but I don't think you actually like Johnny as much as you think you do." However, one fan summed up what entire Bachelor Nation is going through in one tweet, "me every time victoria and johnny have a nice moment now that we’ve seen the pictures from italy and nick viall’s tiktok."





Some fans seemed to have connected with Johnny through this one scene, as they write, "Why is Johnny making so much sense right now." Another fan added, "I feel bad for Johnny." One viewer also wrote, "Hearing Johnny talk is so heartbreaking knowing what we know." Meanwhile Victoria gets support from a fan as they write, "No lie I’d honestly support VFuller to the end, even knowing what I know about Johnny and her. He gives me red flags and is just not it. She’s amazing."





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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