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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Eliza breaks up with Rodney, fans love how Justin used same excuse to dump her

'I am HERE for Justin choosing himself and not being anyones second choice,' said a fan
UPDATED NOV 15, 2022
'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Rodney Matthews, Eliza Isichei and Justin Glaze (Instagram/rodneymathews02/elizaisichei/justinglaze)
'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Rodney Matthews, Eliza Isichei and Justin Glaze (Instagram/rodneymathews02/elizaisichei/justinglaze)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Eliza Isichei's storyline in the November 14 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' did not end well. Bachelor Nation didn't mind blaming Eliza for breaking Rodney Matthews' heart just to have her heart shattered by Justin Glaze, whom she sent home last week.

The newest 'Bachelor in Paradise' love triangle has ended in tears. Eliza handed her rose to Rodney over Justin on the show's November 7 episode, a move she immediately regretted. "I just don’t think I made the right decision for myself," Eliza said the next morning to Rodney. "I felt so much pressure. And I think I was influenced a little bit by how much love everyone has for you."


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Eliza and Rodney left Paradise separately after their sad talk. While Rodney just left sad, Eliza set out on a quest to find Justin. "Going after him was definitely a first," Eliza stated at the episode's conclusion. "I don’t usually chase guys, but he means a lot to me, so I hope he’s as excited to see me as I am to see him." However, when Eliza came to Justin's hometown of Baltimore in the November 14 episode, he stated it was like seeing a ghost — and it was a moment, in line with his tendency for surprised facial expressions.

Rodney, Eliza argued, deserved to be with someone who would pick him "without hesitation." Nevertheless, Justin informed Eliza that he deserved it as well, and they did not reconcile.

A fan watching Eliza chase after Justin quipped, "Even Justin can’t believe Eliza let Rodney go." Witnessing a cheery Eliza recounting her breakup with Rodney, a fan questioned, "But why tf is Eliza smiling while talking about her breaking up with Rodney??" Another fan added how Justin used the same excuse to call it off with Eliza the one she used on him to begin with, "Justin turning this around on Eliza and using the same excuse bahahahahahah." One viewer tweeted how Eliza got what she deserved, "oh look eliza, if it isn't the consequences of your own actions."





Bachelor Nation also seemed happy to see Justin not settling for someone's second choice as they write, "I am HERE for Justin choosing himself and not being anyones second choice." One fan felt Justin also doesn't deserve the hate he's been getting all season, since, "Idk why Justin gets so much hate. These girls have been playing games with him the whole season and he’s not going for it." Another fan added, "I’m glad Justin picked up on Eliza saying Rodney deserves someone who picks him without hesitation and realizes he doesn’t feel chosen by Eliza’s decision." However, one fan felt, "Yeah this proves that Justin didn’t actually come back to the beach for Eliza. He just wanted to come back to the beach in general and used her as an excuse."





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

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