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Did Victoria Fuller cheat on Johnny DePhillipo? 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 star spotted with Greg Grippo in Italy

Johnny proposed to Victoria at the end of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8, to which she said 'yes' and the couple walked out being engaged
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 star Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller, and her alleged new beau Greg Grippo (Instagram/@johnnydephillipo/@vlfuller/@greggrippo)
'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 star Johnny DePhillipo, Victoria Fuller, and her alleged new beau Greg Grippo (Instagram/@johnnydephillipo/@vlfuller/@greggrippo)

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 is currently on air. And, the show is bringing love triangles, heartbreaks, and a lot of mind games onto the screen. In the recently released episodes, we saw some couples breaking up from their connection while some stayed loyal and continued their relationship ahead. One of the contestants Victoria Fuller was seen bonding with Johnny DePhillipo in the show. 

Both Victoria and Johnny made it clear that they are totally into each other. The couple has not yet been distracted by the other cast members until now. But, one can not bet on things to remain the same forever. There has been a rumor in the air about 'Bachelor in Paradise' star Victoria allegedly cheating on Johnny. Keep reading to dig in more.


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Did Victoria Fuller get engaged to Johnny DePhillipo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8?

'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 concluded its filming in July. And, soon after that Reality Steve spilled tea regarding what would Victoria's relationship status be by the end of the season. It was unveiled that Johnny proposed to Victoria in the end and she said "yes" to the engagement. Indeed, Victoria and Johnny walked out as an engaged couple from the show. Fans expected the romance between them to flourish even in the real world. However, the same seems to not be happening.

Did Victoria Fuller cheat on Johnny DePhllipo?

A 'Bachelor in Paradise' fan posted on TikTok about allegedly seeing Victoria with Greg Grippo, from Katie Thurston's season, in Italy. The fan captioned the video "Update: We REALLY think it was Greg but he did have a hat and glasses so it may have been Johnny, either way, tea and love." However, the fan didn't show the face of Greg and Victoria. Well, according to Reality Steve Podcast, Victoria is not together with Johnny in real life. Furthermore, it is claimed the that reality star allegedly cheated on Johnny with Greg. Cheatsheet claims that the rumors state that Victoria allegedly cheated on Johnny twice with Greg. Even though there is no solid proof, the 'BiP' spoiler guru states to have proof about the rumor. He claimed in confidence that Victoria and Johnny have not been together since September 2022. After seeing the 'BiP' fan spill the tea about Victoria being with Greg in Italy, Reality Steve stated, "As for the picture in Italy, I’m not convinced that that is Victoria, I’m not convinced that is Greg, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t." 'BiP' spoiler guru hints that there could be spilling of more tea ahead, "While these next 2 hrs might be entertaining and have drama, it just does not come close to what’s happening off screen." Even though he remained to skeptical about declaring whether Victoria cheated on Johnny he confirmed that she is done with Johnny and there is something going on between her and Greg. He further ended his sentence by saying "Did she cheat on Johnny with Greg? I don’t know", leaving everyone wondering whether she really did.


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Let us further wait for more tea to spill in order to confirm what is Victoria's relationship status. Until then, tune in to ABC to watch 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8. The show releases new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm.