Elton John performs BTS' 'Permission to Dance' and takes Shorts challenge, ARMY wants a collab

Elton John shares videos of himself singing and dancing to parts of BTS’ latest single ‘Permission to Dance’

                            Elton John performs BTS' 'Permission to Dance' and takes Shorts challenge, ARMY wants a collab
BTS and Elton John post photos on their respective Twitter accounts (@BTS_twt, @eltonofficial/Twitter)

The virtual interactions between BTS and Elton John have got the ARMY's hopes high as they expect another international collaboration. After BTS’ last collaboration with Halsey and Lauv, fans keep expecting to see other international artists featured in their songs and videos. BTS have worked on music with global artists like Troye Sivan, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Steve Aoki, Juice WRLD among others. 

Aside from collaborations, BTS has also mentioned other international artists in their song lyrics. The song ‘Butter’ featured Usher in the lyrics with the lines, “Don’t need no Usher/To remind me you got it bad,” also referencing one of Usher’s songs. Elton John also made it to BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ lyrics.


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Elton doesn’t need permission to dance

On August 5, RM (Namjoon) posted a video of himself singing his part from their latest hit single, tagging the legendary singer and performer on the group’s official TikTok handle. The video was also posted to Twitter tagging Elton John’s official account. 

In no time, fans started reacting to the video wishing for a BTS X Elton collab. On August 7, Elton John took to his Twitter account and  posted his rendition of the song. He sang along with the song playing in the background, “When the nights get colder/And the rhythms got you falling behind”, thanking BTS for the shoutout and sending his love to ARMY.


There is more? Yes!

Not only that, Elton John also joined the list of celebrities performing the #PermissiontoDance challenge. He posted a short clip of him dancing to the song showing fans his take on the dance challenge. The caption on the YouTube Shorts clip said, “When it all seems like it’s right, I sing along to BTS”, tagging one of BTS' official YouTube channels. This line was a worldplay to BTS’ song lyrics about Elton, where RM sings, “When it all seems like it’s wrong/Just sing along to Elton John.”

The last celebrity to tag BTS on Twitter, triggering chatter from fans about a collaboration, was Jenifer Lopez when she posted a fan-made video of a mashup of one of her songs with 'Permission to Dance'. BTS is yet to respond or react to the shoutout Lopez posted. With BTS going global and fans trying their best to get them to collaborate with their favorite artists, we can only wait to see how BTS reacts to Jennifer’s tweet.


Love to ARMY

When Elton ended his video on Twitter with the words, “Love to Army,” fans responded to his tweet with enthusiasm. The replies saw appreciation of the legend, with fans grateful for his reply. One fan said, “Sir Elton John said, love to the army”, and posted a funny image that read, “That was powerful”. Another said, “Elton John sang Permission to Dance, legend covering legends.” One ARMY was happy to be alive, saying, “THE Sir Elton John covering BTS. I'm so happy this is the timeline I am living in.” Another thanked Elton John saying, “OMGGG Sir Elton John thank you so much, you are a legend.” One fan asked about a collab saying, “And When BTS & Elton John perform Permission to Dance together?” And another said, “Honestly PTD remix featuring Elton John would just be stellar but regardless this interaction between him and BTS is so wholesome and sweet and I’m totally living for it,” in appreciation of the interaction.










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