A.C.E melts hearts with 'Siren's Call' concert, fans call Donghun 'vocal god'

The ethereal concepts for A.C.E album ‘Siren: Dawn’ reverberated in the concert

                            A.C.E melts hearts with 'Siren's Call' concert, fans call Donghun 'vocal god'
A.C.E (@official_ACE7 on Twitter)

Looks like the pandemic cannot stop the K-pop industry. Since concerts and gatherings of large groups had been stopped, concerts and similar events like KCon have gone virtual with artists holding online concerts. And looks like A.C.E, the five-member K-pop group has also jumped on the bandwagon.

A.C.E had their first online concert back in 2020 after the release of ‘Favorite Boys’. Fans were excited and couldn’t get enough of them. While they have been participating and performing in KCON:TACT, the virtual version of KCon, fans wanted A.C.E to have their own concert again this year. And looks like the group heard their fans.


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A.C.E holds second online concert

The group came back with their mini-album, ‘Siren:Dawn’, on June 23 and were promoting it on several music shows. At the same time, they announced that in a month’s time, they will be having a concert. 'MyMusicTaste', a K-pop platform that promotes and manages concerts for K-pop artists collaborated with A.C.E for this second online concert. It was held today, July 10 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET) on 'MyMusicTaste’s' website.

The ethereal concepts for ‘Siren: Dawn’ album continued in the concert. The concert was titled ‘Siren’s Call’ and fans went on to Twitter to trend #SIREN_CALL. The group performed all of their recent hits including a trot version of their latest title track, ‘Higher’. They even had special solo stages where each member showed off their strengths. The group’s leader, Jun had everyone in awe with his heavenly cover of 'Versace on the Floor'.


Donghun performed 'Driver’s License' on the piano, which had everyone crying as they could feel his emotions through their screens. Fans also lauded him for picking the perfect song to prove his position as the main vocal. Along with that, his visuals stunned fans and non-fans alike as Twitter was full of appreciation posts for his unearthly looks. Main dancer Byeongkwan who is known for his dance covers picked the perfect song for his solo stage. He gracefully covered Taemin’s latest single ‘Advice’. Even though the song has one of the hardest choreographies in K-pop, Byeongkwan not only did justice to it, but he also added his own style.

Not to be outdone, Wow took the TikTok famous track, Heartbreak Anniversary for his solo stage. While the original R&B song has been turned into a meme with many stating that they couldn’t get the TikTok video out of their head, Wow’s version made everyone breathless. It should also be pointed out that he’s a part of the rap line, so his choice of song pleasantly surprised many. As for the youngest member, Chan picked Baekhyun’s ‘UN Village’. His voice suited the melody perfectly as he sang the R&B-pop song. His cover was a total eargasm as fans couldn’t get enough of it. 

One fan tweeted, “I miss you so much!! I hope we can see each other soon. The concert was amazing!! Love you.” Another tweeted, “Is someone gonna do a donghun aegyo count for this concert.” One tweeted, “Versace on the floor but it’s just me on the floor.” Another fan was so excited for Chan’s stage that they tweeted, “KANG YUVHAN??? KANG?? YI??? CHAN???? BAEKHYJN??? UN VILLAGE???? IM GOING TO PASS OUT.” One tweeted, “A.C.E Byeongkwan doing an amazing Taemin "Advice" cover, makes total sense!” As Wow couldn't be present during their project, a fan tweeted, "And I'm really happy to see sehyoon enjoying these moments with the boys/us. He was having so much fun and it melts my heart he deserve the best only.” Another said, "This bit. Donghun is a vocal god and I will let no one say otherwise".