'DWTS' Grease Night: Judges slammed for saving 'Miss Privilege' Olivia Jade over Mel C

'NOOO I love Mel and she is not a spoiled rich child! She actually earned her fame' tweeted a fan, expressing their annoyance

                            'DWTS' Grease Night: Judges slammed for saving 'Miss Privilege' Olivia Jade over Mel C
Mel C and Gleb Savchenko in 'Dancing With The Stars' (Instagram/dancingabc)

For the celebrities on 'Dancing With The Stars' each week gets tougher and it can certainly take a toll on them. For international popstar Mel C, one would assume performing comes naturally to her. However, returning to the stage has her doubting her own confidence, a topic she opened up about during 'Grease Night'. As Mel C explained, she certainly hasn't been feeling confident lately and moreover, was worried about disappointing her partner, Gleb Savchenko.

Savchenko assured her that it was not the case and that he believes in her. Then, as she continued to struggle to find her confidence, she geared up along with Savchenko to dance the quickstep to 'You're The One That I Want'. And while she bagged impressive scores, here's a look at the shocking turn of events that took place. But before that, here's a look at what the judges had to say.


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For Len Goodman, this performance was one of her best ones yet. Bruno Tonioli pointed out that there was a small slip even though she got Gleb on his knees (which is what she wanted). However, barring that, it was a great performance. Carrie Ann Inaba noted that Mel C seemed a bit nervous at the start but loosened up later. She encouraged the star to have more fun on stage with her performances. Derek Hough explained that confidence isn't something that people have, it is what you do. And to him, Mel C went ahead and displayed nothing but confidence through her performance. When it came down to scores, Mel C bagged consistent 9s, putting her total at 36 out of 40. 

So it was a truly shocking moment when she found herself in the bottom two alongside Olivia Jade. It came down to the judges' vote, and seeing that Tonioli and Inaba voted for her, while Derek Hough voted for Olivia Jade, it meant that Goodman's vote would be the decision-maker. As per the show's rules, should there be a tie between the judges' votes, Goodman's vote is the final choice. Goodman decided to save Olivia, resulting in Mel C's elimination.

Fans were livid at this outcome. "I will never forgive Len for not saving Mel C. thus keeping the girl who had to cheat to get into college in the competition.  #DWTS" tweeted a fan. "I knew Len would save Olivia as he has seemed to favor her. But neither of these women deserved bottom two. Mel C could have been a winner as well. Sigh. This show is so frustrating at times. #DWTS" added another. "NOOO I love Mel and she is not a spoiled rich child! She actually earned her fame #DWTS" said a fan. "These tweets are killing me… how much DID aunt becky give to get her daughter to take someone else's rightful spot. lol Mel C was robbed… #DWTS" said a user. "I really thought Len was gonna save Mel because he's also a fellow brit. Although he's been up Olivia and Val's ass this season, I really expected him to vote the other way!! #dwts" added a fan. "I'm sorry but miss privilege gets by on giving mediocrity every week, although neither deserved to be in the bottom mel definitely should've been saved. #DWTS" tweeted a user. 












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