'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 7 Review: A sad revelation of forced betrayal

The Eternal Flagellation is almost upon the world as the Sisterhood of Dada finally unleashes it all in 'Doom Patrol'

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 7 Review: A sad revelation of forced betrayal
Michelle Gomez as Laura DeMille in 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

Its 'Doom Patrol' time and the DC super weirdos turned superheroes are back for more action. HBO MAX just debuted 'Bird Patrol' and the midseason finale saw quite a lot happen as the Sisterhood of Dada played their trump card.

Episode 6 had showcased the origin of the Sisterhood as the harmless metas who work odd jobs and hang out in the basement. Rita (April Bowlby) had travelled back in time to 1917 and joined the group. With her memories gone and happiness found, she stays back to live a life with them. Meanwhile, in the present time, the Sisterhood is preparing for the Eternal Flagellation as the Doom Patrol and Madam Rouge aka Laura DeMille (Michelle Gomez) wonder what that might be. Here are our thoughts on ' Bird Patrol'.


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'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Sisterhood of Dada origin hints at betrayal

Spoilers for 'Bird Patrol'

The episode opens on an ominous note as Bicycle Man aka Lloyd (Miles Mussenden) and Holly (Anita Kalathara), members of the Sisterhood, finish building a cage as the wind swirls all around them. As the Doom Patrol members go about their day we see mysterious messages in the forms of posters, scarves, and more that read 'tonight' appear out of thin air.

We flash to 1949 in the Bureau of Normalcy, where things have changed. Laura has turned sour over the years and rarely hangs out with the Sisterhood, leaving Rita worried. Meanwhile, as Laura (present time) goes about calling everyone she finds Larry (Matt Bomer), who in quite a gross scene has vomited up a larvae which used to be the tumor inside him. The pair deduce this may be a space parasite which may have been the result of Larry visiting a place called the Negative Nebula. This was quite interesting and we can look forward to the development of this mystery. In quite a thrilling display, we hear a fog horn being blown as thick fog rolls in signaling the start of the Eternal Flagellation. 

A still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

Next, we see Jane (Diane Guerrero) visit Kay (Skye Roberts) in the Underground, and whose bike has been stolen. In a fit of tears, Kay yells she never wants to go Up again.

We finally see the other personalities have started to make their move. Flashing back to 1949 we see the Sisterhood frustrated and finally deciding to carry out the Eternal Flagellation after 30 years of contemplation. Laura, who unbeknownst to them is already being pressured by her superiors to classify the Sisterhood as weapons to send them to war, may have to make a hard choice as she struggles to protect the pacifist group.

Back in the present, the whole of the Doom Patrol gets engulfed in fog and transported to the same place along with Laura who starts having flashbacks. In a re-enactment we see how the Sisterhood was betrayed by Laura in the past.

Our heart broke as the protecter was forced to capture her friends with tears in her eyes. In the present, Rita releases a weird moth with Malcolm's mouth, which transforms into hundred smaller ones as Laura transforms into a bird and escapes. The Doom Patrol too disappear when the unknown creatures crash into them as we are left wondering about their fate.

A still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

'Bird Patrol' was an exciting watch as the episode was chock full of backstories. This episode served as the prologue before the reckoning, making for quite a good mid-season finale. It ended with an air of mystery and was one of the best episodes of the season.

'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.

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