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'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Sisterhood of Dada origin hints at betrayal

Rita takes a trip back in time to just to land right in the lap of the gang's tormentors in 'Doom Patrol' on HBO MAX
The Sisterhood of Dada as seen on 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)
The Sisterhood of Dada as seen on 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

'Doom Patrol' one of DC's most loved super-weirdos-turned-superheroes gang continues to impress with its incredible cast, interesting and wacky characters, paired with incredible storylines.

Last week's episode saw the Doom Patrol encounter the Sisterhood of Dada in a psychologically-challenging situation which left the members confused, hurt, and brought up old trauma. Rita Farr (April Bowlby) who had stayed back at the Manor to fix the time machine in a drunken state set out be prove herself a hero. We see her land up in the year 1917 as the rest of the group faces their own personal problems. Madam Rouge aka Laura DeMille (Michelle Gomez) is left to wonder what business she has with the Sisterhood as she comes up with ideas to destroy them, unaware of Rita's departure.

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Spoilers for 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 - '1917 Patrol'

The sixth episode of the season titled '1917' saw Rita land up in the year 1917 with amnesia. She struggles to even remember her name. As the Bureau of Normalcy takes her away we see The Brain and Mallah from the Brotherhood of Evil make notes of the time machine's design. This scene took us back to their first appearance as it is implied this is how they made their own machine; a time loop if you will. The Laura DeMille from 1917 makes an appearance as we get to see the members of the Sisterhood as shunned Metas in the Bureau. Quite an interesting sight as we see the close bond between DeMille and the rest, with DeMille who is one of the agents, serving as their helper and protector. This showcases the stark contrast between the past and present relationships in which Laura from the past loves each member while her present, amnesiac-self is trying to kill them, sowed a seed as to what may have happened. Our guess is that things went south and Laura may have betrayed them. As Rita settles in with the Sisterhood and her new job there, we can't help but feel happy for her as we see Farr content and at peace in a long time, even if it cost her her old life and memories. 

The character Larry in a still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

Jane's (Diane Guerrero) character is seen making a major breakthrough as Kay (Skye Roberts) finds some happiness after ages when she goes Up. But trouble is brewing as the other personalities decide to stop making idle threats anymore. Larry (Matt Bomer) who ran into his aged son Paul (John Getz), saw him explain why he left him in a scene laden with emotional release. It was quite touching as we see Larry accept himself and his past actions. Vic too is seeking his own happiness when he applies for a skin transplant. The viewer can't help but feel glad to see he's breaking his own shackles slowly.

The character Jane in a still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX'

The episode had a more calm vibe to it in contrast to the usual chaos and laughter we're treated to, which was pleasantly surprising. Sometimes a little breather works wonders in a world of constant excitement. Although this was an emotional episode, the situation at hand is like the calm before a storm as we see Larry double over in pain due to his mysterious tumor and Laura DeMille getting a menacing note in flames from the Sisterhood.

'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.