EXCLUSIVE | 'Doom Patrol' star Skye Roberts reveals how she channels Kay Challis

'In the way that’s she’s growing older and exploring new things, Kay is very curious and I am too!' said Skye Roberts

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Doom Patrol' star Skye Roberts reveals how she channels Kay Challis
Skye Roberts as Kay Challis in 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

The mid-season finale of 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 is about to drop very soon with audiences already excited for it. One of the main characters is Kay Challis a girl who developed over 64 personalities, all having various meta-powers. Her primary psyche currently is Crazy Jane portrayed by Diane Guerrero, while the original personality Kay Challis is played by Skye Roberts. The talented young actress is no newbie and has been working in the entertainment business since she was just a mere 10 days old when she starred in a Pampers commercial. Catching the acting bug early on, Roberts has gone on to work in many projects.

In an exclusive with MEAWW, the 'Doom Patrol' actress sheds light on her method of playing Kay Challis and what she loves about 'Doom Patrol'.

Talking about her role in 'Doom Patrol' Skye says she was happy and shocked. Elaborating she continued, "I was younger then and didn’t understand as much. Kay Challis is growing up to be a mature and wiser person than she was before. I have personalized Kay Challis by channeling what it's like to be an older sister in real life and I've just made up 'as if' situations that would be larger and more important so that I can give Kay a wiser feeling to help Crazy Jane/Diane Guerrero as though she's my sister."

Skye Roberts as Kay Challis in a still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX

Dishing on playing Kay and relating to her, she said it's exciting to find new ways to express Kay as she grows up. Roberts continued explaining, "Kay is finding more of her independence and vocalizing who she is. I think in the earlier episodes Jane wasn't ready to hear things from Kay so I didn't say as much. Now I feel I say and do a lot more.  I hope I get to go into the real world more going forward. It's really fun to have challenged Jane in the later episodes and become my own person - AND get new shoes!  Bigger ones and Converse no less (which I like to wear in real life) instead of being stuck in the 50s from Arkansas!  I'm still wearing the same dress though since Season 1. They've had to make me a few now with the same fabric because the first one is so little. Maybe I'll get a new one soon.

Stating similarities the actress states, "In the way that’s she’s growing older and exploring new things, Kay is very curious and I am too!  I'm curious about Kay Challis' mom which is different from real life.  What's similar is that I'm curious about Kay's growth and how she handles it with Jane and my own personal growth. My mom thinks I already behave like a teenager but I don't think that's true!  When Kay is in the candy shop, I'm reminded how much I love food and how curious I am to try all different flavors and types of food so that makes it fun to bring that to life with Kay. When Kay gets a bike I was reminded of the thrill of my first bike and that made me smile."
On working alongside a stellar cast, and more closely with Diane Guerrero, she says, "Everyone is very kind and Diane Guerrero gives great advice and has the best sense of humor. One piece of advice I remember was about my lines and that it's not so much about memorizing them but to keep going at your goal in the script to help you remember them and just never stop whatever you do, like don't stop yourself in the scene, just keep going."

Roberts who loves working in ‘Doom Patrol’ says, "It’s one big family to work with and I love it. I haven’t been allowed to watch the show too much but from what I’ve seen and acted in it's a deep show that covers a lot of emotions." This is not surprising as the show has a lot of mature themes and Roberts is still quite young for it.

Skye Roberts as Kay Challis and Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane in a still from 'Doom Patrol' (HBO MAX)

We recently saw the appearance of a new threat and Skye loves one of them saying one of her favorites is The Fog from the Sisterhood of Dada. She continues, "She's my favorite because I love her British accent and how mysterious she is and that you can never really know her true identity. She's a little mischievous too which is fun.
On her character, Kay Challis' future the actress confides, "I’m not sure what Kay’s future is as my character takes a big turn this season."
We also get an insight into her favorite moments as Kay, with her explaining, "All the scenes in the Candy Shoppe and the dancing scene to Forever Young. With the dance scene, I practiced it with two really fun choreographers and then I practiced it at home quite a lot by myself before filming.  When we filmed it I actually made the mistake of eating too many sausages at crafty beforehand so that wasn't my smartest idea but I kept going and did the dance as though my stomach didn't hurt.  There was a big techno crane and everything and I was by myself dancing.  I still had a lot of fun and Kay doesn't get to do that too often so I made the most of it. My dad had come to watch that day too."

The actress who portrays Kay with a sweet innocence is also a fan of Japanese Animation more commonly known as anime and listed some of her favorites and why she loves them. Her top recommendations include Jujutsu Kaisen, Kamisama, Fruit basket, Maid Sama, Love wars and Demon Slayer. "I love Jujutsu Kaisen because it has my 'boyfriend' Gojo in it - he's beautiful and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the show.  I love Kamisama because it's like a chef's kiss - muah!  It's so wonderful I don't have words to explain it.  I love Fruitbasket as it has a lot of plot twists to it but then it's also romance and it's also comedy and drama so I love the everything nature about it - it's got it all." she shared.

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