'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 5: Fans say 'it's really gay' as women rule the screen

'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 5: Fans say 'it's really gay' as women rule the screen
Wynn Everett as Shelley Byron in 'Doom Patrol' (HBO Max)

'Doom Patrol' is back with another episode and this time it's not all fun and games. The show follows a mismatched team of unlikely heroes who all received their powers through tragic circumstances and are generally shunned by society. The quirky heroes rise above it all to help the world maintain its peace.

The previous episodes of the HBO Max show saw the arrival of the mysterious and amnesiac Madam Rouge (Michelle Gomez) who's here on a mission she has no idea about. We saw the foreshadowing of the danger the Sisterhood of Dada poses, as Rouge learns she is somehow related to the criminal group. The Doom Patrol along with Rouge are out to (reluctantly) look for answers. Here's what fans thought of the episode.


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'Doom Patrol's fifth episode titled 'Dada Patrol' finally saw the introduction of the Sisterhood of Dada. But before that, a lot of things went down. We see Jane (Diane Guerrero) concerned about Kay (Skye Roberts) when she walks in on a counseling session with another personality. Kay wants to go Up, which Jane does not see as a problem but it clearly is. Cliff (Brendan Fraser) is on his medication for Parkinson's but like the stupid, careless boomer he is, the man (or should I say robot) consumes all of the pills at once. Vic (Joivan Wade), meanwhile, is pleasantly surprised when his security systems are back in action and his dad tells him he has blocked Star Labs' tracking protocol, giving him a breather.

Madam Rouge, who discovered her name is Laura DeMille, calls a meeting asking the team to infiltrate and report on the Sisterhood. On their way there, Cliff's bizarre behavior due to the pills causes them to nearly crash and they are suddenly enveloped in fog. In the confusion we see the team get separated and run into various ladies of the Sisterhood of Dada. We are introduced to the clever and powerful Shelley Byron aka the Fog (Wynn Everett) as she tries to entwine Jane with her convincing words. Byron's appearance was quite the exciting first look for the character as she displayed her abilities. The Sisterhood seems like a threat with just 'The Fog' alone. Each one of the team is then forced to answer tough questions about themselves they have no answer to. Although they successfully escape, each one now has a doubt planted in their head. The episode ends with a drunk Rita (April Bowlby) who stayed back with Rouge to fix the time machine, now off in it, with only the unexpected to come. The episode has a lot of actresses in it this week, with them stealing the limelight. Here's how fans reacted.

A fan commented, "Doom Patrol spoiler #doompatrol Jane and Shelley oh yes that will sail far away I'm sure". Another said, "Doom Patrol Spoiler #doompatrol This episode was so confusing, i loved it . But i have so many questions!!!! Also.. it was really gay.. Rita.. Laura.. Jane.. Shelley.. gay women heheh". A viewer said, "If Rita isn’t a lesbian explain her rainbow dress then cowards #DoomPatrol".

Another fan said, "#DoomPatrol Rita Farr "World's Renowned Time Traveler" exactly". A viewer commented, " Jane and Shelley it’s gaaaaaay #DoomPatrol". A user said, "Shelley Byron hot #DoomPatrol".







'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday only on HBO Max.

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