'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4 Review: A story of love, lies and secrets

The Doom Patrol face new troubles as they navigate a life of never ending confusion as questions are asked and secrets revealed on the HBO MAX show

                            'Doom Patrol' Season 3 Episode 4 Review:  A story of love, lies and secrets
A still from 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 (HBO MAX)

Contains spoilers for 'Doom Patrol' Season 3 - 'Undead Patrol'

October is almost upon us and with that comes the spooky season! That's right, 'Doom Patrol' returned and they're in the mood for brains! Yep, the fourth episode of the season put a Halloween spin on it and we absolutely loved it!

HBO MAX's 'Doom Patrol' follows DC's weirdest superheroes on their journey to face mind-boggling anomalies in the universe in their job to keep the world in balance. The season premiere of the first three episodes wrapped up the previous season and we see a new arc begin in 'Undead Patrol'. Here's what we thought of the latest episode.


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The opening of the episode saw Willoughby invoke the spirit of Niles in his decapitated head for important personal matters (ahem, ahem he just wanted to get his crush to talk to him). Poor Chief can't catch a break it seems, but we have to say it makes for a funny opening and it's 'Doom Patrol' after all - it just has to be funny. We see the episode continue on a note of confusion with Madam Rouge not remembering anything about herself and the gang wondering what's she doing there in the first place.

The pace picks up when things getting interesting as we see the group start scratching all over, signaling the oncoming zombification we were promised in the preview. A dash of wonder is thrown in as Rita seems to recognize the flight suit in Rouge's time capsule from her lookalike in the previous episode. Well, that certainly peaked our interest. Emotions run a bit high with Vic as he is informed there was another way his dad could have saved his life without disfiguring his face with tech. Our condolences, Vic. On the same sad note, it seems like Larry could be dying soon. Well, that doesn't last long as the situation gets chaotic with the Doom Patrol now fully zombified and hungry for brains. Quite a funny scenario we must say as we see the group talk in gibberish to communicate.

The character Jane in a still from 'Doom Patrol' -Undead Patrol (HBO MAX)

Michelle Gomez as Madam Rouge is a refreshing treat to watch as she navigates in confusion with quite a funny appeal to her. But Rouge comes with a lot of secrets, ones which she herself is discovering. The episode is also wildly hilarious with the inclusion of a bunch of butt creatures. The group literally turns to eating-ass when they're attacked and we can't help be amused by the writers' ingenuity with matters of humor. Laughter is a regular on the show but things are getting serious as the series progresses. Audiences can expect to be surprised as character revelations are incoming. Niles too has his secrets, some of which he is forced to give away to save his beloved family from turning zombies. We bid adieu to him for now, when in a final act of love he has the gang eat his head to cure them. We won't lie, that did tug at our heart a bit.

'Undead Patrol' was amusing, interesting, and intriguing as we are introduced to potentially dangerous truths. The episode saw some emotional growth from the characters as well as they still struggle with themselves. Quite a fun watch, we can expect things to get even better with the episode ending on a note of suspense as things are far from getting better for the bunch.

'Doom Patrol' airs every Thursday on HBO MAX.