Dispatch 'D'Festa': Air date, How to Watch, Lineup and all about the 'hostage' concert

Dispatch 'D'Festa': Air date, How to Watch, Lineup and all about the 'hostage' concert
Korea Dispatch announces a Global K-pop Festival 'D'Festa' celebrating their 10th Anniversary (Korea Dispatch)

Korea Dispatch, the news agency that is known less for its news and more for its exclusive exposés featuring the who’s who of the Korean Entertainment industry, shocked fans on January 1, 2022 as it announced that a new concert would soon be broadcast where idols from many groups will perform for Korea Dispatch as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year in a concert titled, ‘D’Festa’. Three months after its initial announcement, the show seems to have finally taken off and will be released as the first-ever metaverse concert in the history of K-pop.

Straying away from their yearly tradition where Dispatch used to reveal some of the secret couples from the K-pop industry, the news agency announced that acts like BTS, NU’EST, TWICE, and many more like fourth generation’s Stray Kids, TXT, and NCT would take part in the concert. Fans of K-pop, on the other hand, are aware of the hit-and-miss relationship between idols and Korea Dispatch as they began to call the concert a “hostage” situation where idols were being forced to perform in order to stop Dispatch from exposing secret relationships this year.


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Air Date

The 10th Anniversary Concert from Dispatch titled ‘D’Festa’ will start from April 8 this year and will go on up to June 6, 2022.

What is Dispatch’s D’Festa Concert?

On March 24, Korea Dispatch released a teaser followed by a detailed breakdown of the entire concert experience. The ‘D’Festa’ concert is a Global K-pop Festival where fans will be able to meet a total of 69 idols from 9 different groups virtually. The show will be broadcast in three parts, ‘The Movie’, ‘The Exhibition’ and ‘The Experience’. ‘The Movie’ will be a music film that consists of performances from various K-pop artists. ‘The Exhibition’ will feature a collection of photos of these 69 artists that Dispatch has taken over the last 10 years. Finally, fans who have watched the concert movie and have visited the exhibition can gather around and experience the performances from these artists on a virtual reality stage.

The anticipated venue of the 2022 D'Festa concert (Korea Dispatch)


The Global K-pop Festival or the ‘D’Festa’ concert from Korea Dispatch will take place at MPX Gallery, also known as CGV Yeouido, an exhibition mall in Seoul, South Korea.

How to Watch

The show will feature pre-recorded stages from the nine participating K-pop groups. It will be an in-person event held in South Korea. Fans may be able to watch the movie on Dispatch Korea’s official YouTube channel but any further information is yet to be released.



Tickets reservation for the ‘D’Festa’ concert from Dispatch will start from March 25, 6 pm KST (4 am ET). Fans can reserve their ticket using this link.


The highly anticipated ‘hostage concert’ from Dispatch will feature 9 K-pop groups in total

Stray Kids
NCT Dream
NCT 127



'This whole thing is odd'

Fans continued to express their astonishment on Twitter as one wondered, "Nu’est disband tho." Another said, "It's pre recorded. They teased the event on January 1." One fan said, "Fr i think Dispatch is launching their own idol group..." while another tweet read, "This whole things is so odd, they got got a really good lineup but no promo???" One fan said, "Oh come on it's Ramadan give me a break."

Another fan wrote, "Nct is lucky to be performing with 3rd gen legends n 4th gen legends to be." One chimed in, "NU’EST has disbanded the performers you’re seeing here are their AI counterparts, “NU’ÆST", while another wondered, "I just wanna know what dispatch got on these idols to have a whole concert lol." One fan said, "Ah.... dispatch is doing a metaverse concert lol so they arent actually there lmao no wonder i was thinking why would these groups want to attend & perform a concert for someone who stalks them for a living..."


























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