'Sad Tropics': Kim Seon-ho set to shoot for 1st film as Dispatch 'exposes' his ex

'Sad Tropics': Kim Seon-ho set to shoot for 1st film as Dispatch 'exposes' his ex
Kim Seon-ho to start filming for 'Sad Tropical' within 2021 (@seonho__kim/Instagram)

The scandal that almost brought the downfall of popular actor Kim Seon-ho is now becoming the motion for his rise back to public sympathy. The entire story has been under extreme scrutiny from fans all thanks to Kim Seon-ho's former girlfriend. The actor's now public love life was taken hostage by Korean news agency Dispatch and it seems the agency has taken upon itself the responsibility to save his maligned reputation by revealing intimate details from the relationship in the form of Kakao Talk screenshots.

On November 1, Dispatch revealed more chats that were exchanged in July, 2020, between the then-couple as they spoke about Kim Seon-ho’s girlfriend having an abortion. In their story, Dispatch revealed how all 'positive' texts from the actor were 'negatively' scrutinized by his then-girlfriend. It was shown how she sent their chats as proof to her acquaintances and bad-mouthed him despite the actor trying to stand with her after her abortion.


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Dispatch exposes Seon-ho’s ex

After he was shown as the bad guy while his then-girlfriend victimized herself, Kim Seon-ho and his agency Salt Entertainment apologized to the public for causing concerns among fans as Kim Seon-ho was dropped from multiple advertisement campaigns and the post-production and release events for his famous tvN drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ was put on halt. While most brands and labels deleted the actor, some stood true to him and supported him through this crisis.

As Dispatch revealed the details of the relationship showing how Seon-ho's ex-girlfriend was caught cheating on several occasions by the actor, which was the real reason for their break-up, general public and media have started coming out in support of Kim Seon-ho.


Kim Seon-ho starts shooting for a new film

Now that the public image of Kim Seon-ho is beginning to be restored, all thanks to Dispatch, he is getting back on track. Late in October, it was reported that the actor had to be rushed to the hospital due to some health scares following the revelation and his apology. Now that all seems to be on the track for him, Kim Seon-ho is set to begin filming for a new project. On November 1, the production house New (Stylised as NEW) said that “After much deliberation, the production team of 'Sad Tropics' ('Sad Tropical') has decided to start filming with Kim Seon-ho within the year.”

This would mark Kim Seon-ho's first-ever motion film. ‘Sad Tropics’ is directed by Park Hoon-jung, well known for ‘The New World’ and ‘The Witch’. ‘Sad Tropics’ is about a boy who dreams of becoming a boxer with a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He travels to Korea to find his father who abandoned him.


Following his controversy, a producer of the film made a post on his Instagram saying, “Many people believe in Kim Seon-ho and wait for him, so I think there will be good news soon.” Fans are delighted to hear that Kim Seon-ho’s agency Salt Entertainment has confirmed the actor's appearance in the film. Not only that, many advertising companies that deleted posts with the actor have resumed promotions featuring Kim Seon-ho.

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