T-ara's Hyomin DATING soccer player Hwang Ui-jo: 'We're getting to know each other'

T-ara's Hyomin DATING soccer player Hwang Ui-jo: 'We're getting to know each other'
Hyomin from T-ara is reportedly dating soccer player Hwang Ui-jo (Instagram)

After teasing readers with a new couple reveal in the new year, Dispatch has confirmed that K-pop star Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui-jo are officially in a relationship. Hyomin, whose real name is Park Sun-young is a songwriter and actress. She is most notably a member of the popular K-pop girl group T-ara. Meanwhile, her beau Hwang Ui-jo is a professional footballer who is a part of the South Korean national team. He also plays in France for the Ligue 1 club Bordeaux. 

Internet erupted in joy as the news about Hyomin and Hwang Ui-jo's relationship surfaced. However, newbie K-pop fans, who are not quite familiar with Hyomin's music, drew a lot of flak for expressing their confusion over 'Who is Hyomin?' Many of them appeared disappointed at the Dispatch couple reveal, as they expected someone more high profile and with an international fanbase. Hyomin's loyal fans, on the other hand, did not waste time slamming the critics. "I can't believe that many of the comments dont know hyomin? You dont know T- ARA? I guess you missed the Golden Era of kpop? I'm sad for y'all," a fan tweeted. 


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Meanwhile, Dispatch revealed exclusive couple photos of Hwang Ui-jo, 31, and Hyomin, 33, enjoying their time together in Korea and abroad. They are reportedly dating since November 2021, though details of how they met remain unclear. The couple spent the last days of 2021 together on a trip to Switzerland — that included an Alpine tour around Jungfrau and Basel. In fact, Hwang Ui-jo shared a photo of the tour on his Instagram, though Hyomin was missing from the frame. 

The couple, however, has now happily confirmed their relationship, saying, "We are in the stage of getting to know each other now. We have good feelings. I hope you will watch it quietly.” A source close to both of them said, "Hwang Ui-jo and Hyo-min are very close. But they get along like lovers, like friends."

"Ah congratulations to Hyomin, I hope they're both happy also waiting to see more of t-ara in the future," a fan reacted to the news on Twitter.


However, one fan dug out past rumors about Hwang Ui-jo cheating on his ex-girlfriend. They tweeted, "We do have some concern about his past "news" about cheating, but if he takes care of hyomin well and won't do that again, that's .... ok."




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