Did we lose a collab between Skrillex and EXO's Chanyeol? Shocked fans blame SM

Did we lose a collab between Skrillex and EXO's Chanyeol? Shocked fans blame SM
Chanyeol and Skrillex had met in 2015 (@real__pcy, @skrillex/Instagram)

On October 14, 2021, the TikTok podcast account ‘hallyuatyou’ had posted a clip with songwriter Jantine Heij who has worked with the likes of Monsta X, NCT 127 and EXO. This was discovered by an EXO-L (EXO’s fandom) who then ended up sharing it on Twitter on March 25. It ended up going viral on EXO Twitter as fans realized that somewhere there was a song made by the American DJ Skrillex and EXO’s Chanyeol.

Heij shared that she had worked with Chanyeol and Skrillex on something back in 2015. That was the heyday for EDM, a genre that Skrillex was popularly known for. EXO fans were excited and disappointed as they realized that they could have gotten a collaboration between Skrillex and Chanyeol but never did.

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Skrillex and EXO’s Chanyeol had worked together

Jantine Heij recounted that she was working with SM Entertainment when she had visited South Korea for the first time. And that she had co-written a track with EXO’s Chanyeol who had written his rap verse. She had said in the podcast, “I was in the studio with Skrillex and EXO and then we started working with the rapper of the group.” Fans believe that the rapper she was talking about was Chanyeol as we have seen an interaction between him and Skrillex in the past.


‘Typical SM’

EXO-Ls connected the dots and realized that Heij's incident was in 2015 as both Chanyeol and she had posted pictures with Skrillex in SM Entertainment’s building on December 15, 2015. Disheartened fans wanted the collaboration to see the light and didn’t care if it was of an old music style, “I dont care if the song is OUTDATED, OUTDATED… we want to hear it.” One EXO-L hoped Chanyeol could release it, “Tysm!!!!! I hope loey releases this one day bc we know sm won't.”

One wondered about how many missed opportunities were there, “I dont even surprised how SHITTY that company ever been but this is just tragically annoying when b*tches hold it and didnt even giving a chance for this collab since godamn 2015 like are they f kidding?!?!! like people out there who want to have work with exo —.” Another angry fan said, “Many great collabs that we could have but Sh*tM always sleeps on EXO.”






One EXO-L added, “FREE CHANYEOL.” One shocked fan posted, “I don't even want to imagine the number of collabs and proposals that sm will have rejected for exo at the level of skrillex and yeol.” Another shared, “Skrillex worked with Chanyeol and we never got to listen to the song?? Typical SM.” One EXO-L demanded, “Are you….take it out of the vault right now. RIGHT NOW.” Another commented, “Thinking about the so many songs we never got.”






Watch the TikTok below.

@hallyuatyou 🥳 Episode 56: SPECIAL EPISODE! WITH K-Pop Songwriter @jantineannikaheij (she’s worked with MONSTA X, #NCT127 , #EXO & more) #kpop #songwriter #viral ♬ I Don't Give a F*** - Jantine


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