‘Treat Sehun Better’: EXO fans upset at SM over no promotions or solo gigs

‘Treat Sehun Better’: EXO fans upset at SM over no promotions or solo gigs
Sehun is the only EXO member who has not gone solo (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

It looks like EXO fans are rallying for the youngest member Sehun after noticing that despite being in his 10th year in the K-pop industry, he has barely been given a chance to expand his solo music career. With almost all of the members debuting solo and even Xiumin sharing plans of his solo debut, Sehun is the only one with no solo music or plans for one. And with the bare promotions, he is getting for his solo gigs like modeling and acting projects, EXO-Ls are angry.

The last straw happened to be on February 21, when his label SM did not promote Sehun’s latest modeling project with the Indonesian brand White Lab. Confused EXO fans asked when his collection was dropping while some didn’t even know Sehun had partnered up with White Lab. Then on February 23, fans noticed that SM didn’t share anything on the huge announcement that the Korean blockbuster film ‘Pirates 2’ starring Sehun would be streamed globally on Netflix. However, SM continues to share all of the other members’ solo projects on EXO’s social media.

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No promotions for Sehun

EXO-Ls pointed out that this was not the first time and even when Sehun had landed huge modeling projects with Cartier and Dior or magazine covers like Dazed, Esquire and W Korea, SM did not promote them or share the news. Apart from the bare-minimal promotions and no solo music, many also brought back the time when SM did not allow Sehun to have a solo performance during a concert. Sehun was not even part of SM’s ensemble project ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU Express’. And with the mandatory military enlistment date changing, Sehun will have to enlist by the end of this year which has fans even more frustrated.


‘Gonna burn that kwangya building’

Upset fans trended #TreatSehunBetter as they made tweets like, “Just to prove the mistreatment sehun goes through under this company and for years here are some of the times PROFESSIONALS expressed their opinion -allure usa : staff admitted that they wanted to interview sehun for 10 MINS during exo concert but sm rejected.” Another EXO-L posted, “Since Sehun himself said he will show us more good stuff this year, in Sehun, I trust 🧡 but I can’t compromise with any negligence from your side @SMTOWNGLOBAL so pls #treatsehunbetter Or else gonna burn that kwangya building.” 



One fan shared, “They will be celebrating their 10 years in the industry soon but they’re still hindering sehun to show his talents.” Another EXO-L pointed out, “You go to Sehun's Spotify profile & find 1 song. He has been in the industry for 10yrs. You're telling me he doesn't even deserve a station? Station can even mean a cover. SM doesn't even want Sehun to cover someone else's song. The situation is that bad!” One fan said, “I bet his hyungs are on outrage. Keep on treating him like that and you'll gonna lost all exo members and it's fandom. Road to bankruptcy it is. Ciao.”





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