Covid in K-pop: EXO’s Kai falls sick after taking 55 tests in 2021 to keep working for fans

Covid in K-pop: EXO’s Kai falls sick after taking 55 tests in 2021 to keep working for fans
EXO's Kai gets Covid-19 (@weareoneEXO/Twitter)

Even the strongest have fallen. EXO’s Kai was one of the busiest idols since 2020 despite the pandemic. He made his solo debut, got several brand deals, was a regular on several variety shows and even was part of EXO and SMTOWN’s comebacks and concerts. Fans were shocked when he shared that he had taken 55 tests in 2021 itself so he could continue gifting fans with lots of content. And he was busy giving fans more when he tested positive for Covid-19.

EXO finally got together and were said to be filming their much-loved variety show ‘EXO Ladder’ season 3. Following that, leader Suho said that a group comeback was in the works. Additionally, Kai will be having his first global solo concert in Germany at KPop.Flex in May, the first and largest K-pop concert in Europe. But it looks like the infectious Omicron strain has finally caught up with the idol.

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EXO’s Kai gets Covid-19

With the new Covid-19 outbreak not being considered lethal yet, idols have to continue with their gigs in crowded places. This led to over 60 idols testing positive in January with that the number doubled up to 120 in February. A day before, on March 14, 17 idols alone tested positive. Fans and netizens are afraid as the new South Korean president claims that he will be lifting all social distancing restrictions. And now on March 15, it has been reported that even EXO’s Kai has tested positive.

SM Entertainment shared that Kai had been diagnosed with Covid-19 on March 14. The label added that he had taken both the doses of the vaccine and would be quarantined and treated at home. All of his schedules have been suspended at the moment till he recovers. Previously, EXO’s Xiumin had tested positive in August 2021.

‘Get well soon’

Fans trended Kai’s real name Jongin as they shared supportive messages, “Wishing for your speedy recovery, my love! get well soon, our beautiful jongin.” Another EXO-L tweeted, “Performance and all schedules can wait, your health is the most important here NINI, so take care and rest!” One fan added, “Kai worked consistently since the pandemic began,being careful & cautious when doing all his activities. it was always risky but still breaks my heart it inevitably came to this😔💔praying for his quick recovery with minor symptoms🥺 pls keep sending your love to our Jongin.”

Another commented, “Get well soon, jongin my love.” One EXO-L was shocked, “I can't believe I have to reply to this news 😭😭 Kim Jongin my baby bear, please eat well rest well and speed recovery.” Another said, “Get well soon, jongin! sending you hugs and prayers.”







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