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Did South Korea cancel poll after public opinion agreed to BTS’ military exemption

South Korea's Defense Minister had said they would hold a poll to decide if BTS should get military exemption
BTS had shared they would enlist when the time came (@bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS had shared they would enlist when the time came (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The latest updates regarding BTS’ military exemption is getting pretty confusing. To finally take a decision on the matter, South Korea’s Defense Minister shared that they would hold a public opinion poll on September 1. But then, the Defense Ministry said on September 2 that they had canceled it. However, that hasn’t stopped broadcasting stations and the internet from holding their own polls to see whether South Korea is fine with BTS’ exemption.

On September 1, before the Defense Ministry decided to cancel their poll, KBC and UPI News held their own personal polls where over 57.7% South Koreans agreed to BTS’ military exemption. They released their poll statistics in detail where only 27.5% of South Korea was strongly against a military exemption. The personal poll was done with 800 people. What was interesting was that 63.9% of the people against the exemption were males in their 20s. This falls in line with the male South Korean youth who caused an uproar after the Culture Minister had claimed that BTS’ military service would be a “national loss” which they had found unfair.


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Poll favors BTS' enlistment

KBC also took a poll for other K-pop idols and concluded that it wasn’t just BTS but other groups as well for whom people didn't mind if they got a special exemption. Similarly, in the second poll, 58.6% South Koreans were fine with K-pop groups getting exempted. To date, only certain athletes and classical singers have been exempted from South Korea’s mandatory military service. 

Whether the Defense Ministry canceled their poll after viewing these results or not, they had previously shared that for fairness and unbiasedness, it was extremely difficult to come up with a decision that was not arbitrary. Fans are also unhappy with the suggestions that have come up where BTS would have to serve in the military as well as perform which would be tiring. BTS has also said that they would gladly enlist when the time came.

'Can they just leave BTS alone'

Knetz are frustrated as they left comments like, “So frustrating. What kind of response is this,” “Can they read the room and just not say anything?” and “Ah seriously, can they just leave BTS alone and stop saying this and that?”

K-pop fans were torn as one tweeted, “The whole of Korea didn't vote so this dosent matter. Its not fair to every single hard working person of Korea.  What they aren't as important ? They contribute just as much . Its not one rule for1 and one for another .they said they will go so just let them . This delaying.” But another fan posted, “They all in favor so its kind of obvious what they want. Hope their government show some appreciation to this results and decide once and for all.”

One fan added, “Just let them go do military but don't make them have a concert while in active duty.” Another said, “BTS' history making, record breaking accomplishments are like no other. They put SK on the map. They bring more attention to Korean culture & money to their Country's economy more than anyone. What more does Defense Minister need to know? The guys deserve exemption.”





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