Did LeBron James 'assault' a fan? Lakers star sparks outrage for shoving fan at Usher's concert

A user wrote, 'LeBron James continues to prove he is a huge piece of shit! Isn't shoving someone assault. I guess you can justify that'

                            Did LeBron James 'assault' a fan? Lakers star sparks outrage for shoving fan at Usher's concert
LeBron James shoved a fan at Usher's concert in Las Vegas on July 31 (Instagram)

Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James shoved a fan at Usher's concert for insisting on a photograph. The fan called out to James with his phone in hand, ready for a photo. At that point, James gave him a shove while mouthing something angrily before storming out of the arena through the exit while being surrounded by security. The incident happened at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

James was at the concert with his wife Savannah Brinson James at the concert. He appeared to have been caught off guard by the fan which resulted in a shove. The video has gone viral on social media after which many Internet users accused him of not having handled the matter well. In related news, Ezra Miller was seen choking a female fan at a local store in Iceland. Skrillex was ordered to pay over a million dollars to a fan who sustained significant injuries after the EDM superstar stage dived. Nick Jonas pushed a fan's hand away after being groped. This time around people were in favor of 'The Voice' judge.


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Did LeBron 'assault' a fan at Usher's concert?

The video went viral across all social media platforms including Twitter leaving people divided over whether it was an assault or not. "Not a huge Lebron fan, but that is not assault," tweeted a user. "The replies tell me how soft people are. This is hardly a push and some people are claiming assault Soft as baby (poop emoji). Good for Lebron," another LeBron fan tweeted. "Self-defense is just that. A defense. A justification for behavior. As much as you could say LeBron committed a battery, you could argue the fan committed an assault. Just depends on how you wanted to address the situation whether offensively or defensively," another fan wrote. 




There was an equal number of people defending his decision to push the fan for being in close proximity of him while requesting a photograph. "Right, because we read about Lebron being attacked by various ninjas on a regular basis. Give us a break. He knew it was a fan but pushed him away instead of just moving on. Assault...he was under no threat nor was his wife," an angry fan wrote quashing a fan theory that he the NBA star was trying to defend himself. "Let’s face it. His security sucks and that was assault. The guy never touched him. But those are the facts and not what LeBron lovers want to hear," wrote another Twitter user. "I don't know how you consider that as assault. The man didn't touch him. You literally have to physically touch someone for it to be assault. Lebron was the one who assaulted the man," another user tweeted.