LeBron James slammed for sneaking in tequila to NBA finals, Internet says 'kids look up to you'

'If LeBron gets to BYOB, everyone should. Tired of the special treatment stuff,' said a user

                            LeBron James slammed for sneaking in tequila to NBA finals, Internet says 'kids look up to you'
LeBron James sits courtside with a bottle of Tequila at NBA finals (Twitter)

If Americans' rage over LeBron James sitting out the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was intense, the nation is now practically livid after the basketball champ decided to take his own bottle of liquor to an NBA Finals game. Seated between the Bucks and the Suns at Game Five of the finals, LeBron was pictured in a blue face mask that left his nose uncovered, but that's not what people are mad at. Many were angry because one has to buy the drinks in the arena (albeit overpriced, as Twitter has argued). And more importantly, if it was any other person without the money and fame the basketballer has, they would be barred from attending the game, let alone flaunt their liquor bottle courtside.

Joe Pompliano first tweeted the photo of LeBron with his tequila bottle placed under the seat as the four-time NBA champion and Los Angeles Lakers star witnessed it all go down between the Bucks and the Suns on Saturday, July 17. "They let LeBron bring his own bottle of tequila into the arena tonight," tweeted the sports commentator with a bunch of laughing-crying emojis, indicating he found it hilarious. But LeBron being LeBron, decided to take things higher by a whole notch by retweeting Pompliano's tweet with the smug reaction: "They let me??? Ok we’ll go with that! “BYOT” Bring Your Own Tequila!" 


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LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts during the third quarter against the Houston Rockets in Game Three of the Western Conference Second Round during the 2020 NBA Playoffs (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Many took offense to this as it seemed that LeBron was mocking the situation and laughing at the privileges he seemingly enjoys. Twitter soon exploded into a frenzy about how the rules don't apply to LeBron because of his status and fame and how if it was anybody other than a celebrity pulling this kind of stunt, they'd probably be stopped at the entrance. Should they manage to sneak the liquor in, they would probably get arrested, argued users, slamming LeBron for his audacious move. The core of this collective fury was LeBron doing whatever the hell he wants and social media was not going to have it. 

"So Lebron got a contract to serve his tequila at the stadium," one user replied to LeBron's tweet, indicating the bottle of liquor was one of LeBron's own brands, called Lobos 1707 Tequila. "Good business move. In the US if you’re rich and famous, it’s just so much easier to do anything you want. Regular people have to grind for a lifetime to hope for a deal like that. I wonder how the tequila tastes?" the user asked. Another compared LeBron's bold move to fells NBA champ Michael Jordan, claiming, "jordan would never drink. shame on you lebron! my kids looked up to you." 



Other users were angry about the special treatment received by LeBron. "Ridiculous double standard," one user replied under Pompliano's original tweet, adding: "Anyone else would be arrested for bringing their own liquor/ glass bottle in. And nice wide stance to infringe upon that ladies personal space next to him. Always all class, Bron…" Others wrote: "I don't care what it is. If LeBron gets to BYOB, everyone should. Tired of the special treatment stuff that goes on in this country and folks trying to make sure you buy their extremely overpriced refreshments. This stuff ain't capitalism."

Users also slammed others who were applauding this stunt, tweeting: "Stop licking his shoes. If anybody else did it it would be judged, but since its a publicity stunt by @KingJames its all acceptable.." Since the retweet, there's been nothing said on the matter from the man of the hour himself. But looks like the incident has led Twitter to deduce, "he thinks he is entitled to break the rules." Another commented: "We get it, nobody is better than you and the world revolves around you." And one slammed the basketballer for being busy with his liquor instead of the Olympics, tweeting: "Too busy creating substandard tequila to represent his Country at the Olympics."