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Did Crush regret making 'Goblin's iconic OST 'Beautiful'? Singer reveals he had panic attacks

Crush appeared on the YouTube show 'My Alcohol Diary' where he spoke about collabing with BTS' J-hope, finishing his military service and more
Crush first went viral in 2016 for his OST 'Beautiful' for the hit K-drama 'Goblin' (@OfficialPnation, @tvn_drama/Instagram)
Crush first went viral in 2016 for his OST 'Beautiful' for the hit K-drama 'Goblin' (@OfficialPnation, @tvn_drama/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: With Youngji's 'My Alcohol Diary' being the next best show on YouTube, fans now wait with bated breath to see who she invites next. We already have fans making theories that BTS' Jin or her biases NCT 127's Mark and Jaehyun might appear. But in the meantime, in the latest episode, we had K-pop singer Crush dropping by to promote his latest release 'Rush Hour' featuring BTS' J-hope. While new fans discovered him through the collab or that he is Red Velvet Joy's boyfriend, old fans know him as the 'OST King' with hit OSTs like 'Beautiful'.

Before Crush enlisted for his mandatory military service, he was pretty active in all areas from K-pop and K-drama OSTs to K-R&B and hip hop. He has several successful singles like 'Just', 'Hug Me' and 'You and I' that have been covered by other K-pop idols. He is also always mentioned when talking about K-R&B artists like Dean, Zico and Zion.T with whom he is friends. But Crush revealed on 'My Alcohol Diary' that even though he first reached his peak with the 'Goblin' OST, he was in a slump.


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Crush talks about his iconic 'Beautiful' OST

Crush's episode of 'My Alcohol Diary' has already gone viral as he gave an extroverted Youngji a run for her money by being effortlessly funny. However, he did get deep at moments when Youngji confessed that she wasn't sure if she wanted to continue being a rapper or branch out as an idol. While giving advice on how she could find herself, Crush started talking about the time he made the ballad 'Beautiful' for the hit 2016 K-drama 'Goblin'.

He revealed that while he was working on music for 10 years, "The time when I was suffering the most from a slump was when I released 'Beautiful' 5 years ago. That song received much love from people. I was very thankful for it but on one side I felt empty. It's very good that the crowd liked it and I was invited many times to sing for wedding ceremonies but I didn't want to sing that song on the stage." He added that he initially wanted to focus only on R&B and hip hop and 'Beautiful' being a ballad was not something he had wanted to do.


Crush said, "Because that song was a bit different from the song that I have been pursuing so far. Yeah, back then, I was too young. So, I was thinking in that way. Right now, I don't think like that at all. I can sing that song more than 10 times. Also, [back then] there were a lot of comments saying 'Isn't that a good thing?'. But it wasn't for me. Back in the days, although it's gone now, I composed music in the Hongdae underground with [rappers] like Giriboy, Zion.T, Beenzino and Swings."

"So, during the time when 'Beautiful' was receiving much love, Crush as an artist was having much concerns...That's when I had a panic disorder. In that condition, I had to sing 'Beautiful' and I was unable to breathe," explained Crush. Youngji assured him that if she was his fan back then she would have been very proud of him.

Watch the video below.