NCT Dream 'Glitch Mode': Release date, tracklist, concept & all about the comeback

NCT Dream 'Glitch Mode': Release date, tracklist, concept & all about the comeback
NCT Dream members will release their second regular album 'Glitch Mode' with 11 tracks and the title track 'Buffering' aka 'Glitch Mode' (@NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

Fans are gearing up for the comeback from SM Entertainment’s 23 member boy group NCT’s official subunit NCT Dream. The subunit made its debut in February 2017 with members Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle, Jaemin, and Jisung. The seven members are now ready to make a comeback with their second studio album ‘Glitch Mode’, 10 months after their May 2021 full-length album, ‘Hot Sauce’.

NCTzens (fans of NCT) have great expectations from all members of the NCT subunit who rocked the sales last year after setting a new record for fourth-gen bot groups by becoming a triple million-seller with their first full-length album, ‘Hot Sauce’. While fans are excited about the comeback, they are also worried about member Chenle who reportedly injured his left ankle during practice. The member will thankfully not be taking a break from the upcoming comeback but has announced selective performances in order to not add to the stress of his health.

On the other hand, SM Entertainment also got a lot of mixed reactions from fans as they announced that as soon as NCT makes a comeback, the boy group will meet fans in an online concert titled, ‘Glitch Mode: Dream Stage’ (aka 'DREAM STAGE: Glitch Mode) which will be broadcast live via Beyond Live on April 5.


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Members of NCT Dream for one of the concepts of their second regular album, 'Glitch Mode' (@NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

Release Date

NCT Dream will release their second studio album titled ‘Glitch Mode’ on March 28 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to Listen

You can listen to NCT Dream’s second regular album on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and MelOn among others.



1. 'Fire Alarm'
2. 'Glitch Mode' (버퍼링) [Title-Track]
3. 'Arcade'
4. 'It’s Yours' (너를 위한 단어)
5. 'Teddy Bear' (잘 자)
6. 'Replay' (내일 봐)
7. 'Saturday Drip'
8. 'Better Than Gold' (지금)
9. 'Drive' (미니카)
10. 'Never Goodbye' (북극성)
11. 'Rewind'

The group has not officially released a tracklist but eagle-eyed fans picked on the tracklist from the album from the K-pop album shop Ktown4U, where one of the posters showed the upcoming tracklist for ‘Glitch Mode’. With ‘Glitch Mode’ aka ‘Buffering’ as its title track, the album is worked on by members of NCT Dream. The single ‘Rewind’ is said to be an R&B pop song with a light beat that creates a lively atmosphere while the lyrics of the song go back in time and reminisce the memories that the boy group have to share. Another famous song from NCT Dream’s ‘Glitch Mode’ is the single ‘Drive’, also called ‘Mini Car’ - a medium genre song with a faint sensibility centered on an acoustic piano and guitar.

The leaked tracklist for NCT Dream's upcoming regular album, 'Glitch Mode' (@NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)


For the upcoming album, NCT has presented not one but three unique sets of concept photos so far. The first set saw all seven members of NCT Dream dressed in suits with a helmet on that made fans believe that they were from a technologically advanced universe. The second set of concept photos was more casual and mellow as the members dressed in jean jackets and appeared seated together.

One of the most recent teaser photos from the group presented an entirely different concept where they were seen from the fish-eye lens of a camera, dressed in colorful and vibrant casuals, hinting that this comeback will range from serious to mellow to vibrant songs, which is the USP of the SM Entertainment boy group.

NCT Dream members to make a comeback with a studio album, 'Glitch Mode' 10 months after the release of their first studio album, 'Hot Sauce' (@NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

Music Video

NCT Dream will drop the music video for ‘Glitch Mode’ aka ‘Buffering’, the title track of their second studio album ‘Glitch Mode’, on March 28 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

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