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Lizzo expresses her liking for BTS on Instagram live, says 'I love Jimin'

American singer Lizzo takes to Instagram for a live stream to celebrate her new song as she eats cake while mentioning her love for BTS
Lizzo says she likes BTS and Jimin is her bias (BTS/, @lizzobeeating/Instagram)
Lizzo says she likes BTS and Jimin is her bias (BTS/, @lizzobeeating/Instagram)

Lizzo just released a new single featuring Cardi B titled ‘Rumors’ and to celebrate the amazing response the song got, she took to Instagram to eat cake as part of the celebration. While she did that she also talked about making new music and other collaborations as well as her favorite artists at the moment.

It is not very uncharacteristic of artists liking other artists and being dedicated fans of each other. As music makers, artists too, tend to show their interests towards their contemporaries and Lizzo is one of them. She has been vocal about he love for One Direction and Harry Styles in particular on multiple occasions and fans have always been supportive of her love for other artists.


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Lizzo talks about BTS

Lizzo is not a shy woman when it comes to showing her interest in BTS. Back in April 2021, Lizzo was live on Instagram she talked about her love for BTS and for Jimin whom she described as hilarious, fierce, and beautiful. This is still not the first time when Lizzo publicly discussed her love for Jimin of BTS.

Back in 2019 when she performed at Kiss FM’s annual Jingle Ball, Lizzo addressed the crowd and asked them to hype her up as ARMYs do to Jimin. She said, “One more time, can you pretend that I'm Jimin from BTS for a second?” while feeling herself to the crowd erupting in cheers. She reposted that video on her Twitter account and said, “ I love this.” with a purple heart, which is the color of BTS and ARMY.


Lizzo, BTS, and ARMY

On August 18, Lizzo went live on Instagram to celebrate ‘Rumors’ when she was talking to fans. She suddenly started on with the topic, ‘K-Pop.’ She said, “K-pop, hmm... Let me tell you all something. I just really love BTS. They're on my fyp (For you Page) so much on TikTok now cause my sister is ARMY. She loves BTS. She introduced me to BTS. So when I would see a BTS video on my fyp, I would send it to her.” 

She went on to say how because of TikTok’s algorithm, now the more she shared BTS videos, the more she saw it. She said that constantly seeing the members of BTS she was introduced to their personalities she kept liking them. She continued saying, “Like of course, the music is good. But I get why people, why ARMY is ARMY, cause (of) their individual personalities and style.”


Jimin is Lizzo’s bias

She went on to add about how she loves BTS dancing and one member she loves the most is Jimin. She said, “You know Jimin is my favorite. Jimin is my bias. Is that what you say? I love Jimin.” Lizzo has been vocal about her love for Jimin and fans can see why. Jimin has an overall lovable personality which is why he draws so many people towards himself.

Lizzo continued, “I like V (Taehyung) too. I like their (his and Jimin’s) relationship. Whenever they perform, they'll be next to each other. They'll be like they're BFFs.” Lizzo had once in the past also mentioned that how she became ARMY and how she got introduced to BTS from her sister who is an ARMY. 


Lizzo’s sister is ARMY

Lizzo had said, “I do like BTS. My sister loves them. My sister's in ARMY and she introduced me to BTS. I think they're extremely talented, it's mind-blowing and funny. I love Jimin. I think Jimin is hilarious and like fierce and beautiful."

On TikTok, Lizzo had once shared a video of a BTS-themed birthday cake she has gotten made for her sister which made a lot of ARMYs swoon.