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‘Dated and Related’ on Netflix: Fans slammed the Parsijani twins for giving out 'psycho vibes'

Fans collectively agreed that it was really 'irritating and annoying' to watch these twin sisters in the show who just wanted to create drama
Fans have criticized the Iranian twin sisters Diana and Nina for being 'immature and possessive' in the Netflix series (@ninaxdiana/Instagram)
Fans have criticized the Iranian twin sisters Diana and Nina for being 'immature and possessive' in the Netflix series (@ninaxdiana/Instagram)

PARIS, FRANCE: In Netflix's dating reality series 'Dated and Related', we saw a constant evolution of this sibling duo which went from Diana and Kieran trying to date to Diana and Kieran’s brother Kaz finding their real true love. Whereas, Nina found her true love in Daniel in the first episode which only grew stronger.

Diana is used to getting what she wants and when things don’t go her way she creates a dramatic tantrum of getting emotional and fans didn’t like how possessive or emotional she was getting in the first few episodes, particularly the time when she and Kieran Bishop tried to date. Whereas Nina also got called out as "annoying" by fans for her over-possessiveness.

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While in the finale episode Diana and Kaz are seen totally in love with each other but definitely reaching till here wasn’t really an easy task. Global fans who watched the reality series from the first till the last episode quickly took notice of how these sisters are "really annoying" and there are a few instances to prove that. For example, in the fourth episode, we saw that Diana and Kieran were trying to find their footing as a couple and when Alara came into the picture, she created spice and ruffled the feathers which made Diana angry to an extent that she started crying as well.
Fans who watched the entire series took to Twitter and turned it into a live tweet fest. They all collectively agreed that it was really "irritating and annoying" to watch these twin sisters in the show who just wanted to create drama. Citing Diana as an "immature girl", they said that at least Nina was "sane and sensible enough" compared to her elder sister. 

“I don’t like how possessive Diana and Nina are. It’s giving me psycho vibes,” said a fan. “Diana scaring me already and it’s only episode 1… girl relax you don’t know these people thank God her sister is sane,” said another fan. “I’m skipping through the show getting tired watching these two pillow faced Persian girls creating drama #DatedAndRelated,” a fan shared. “Sorry but there’s no way Diana is acc this invested on DAY 1 lmao, she’s just rattled cos she’s probably used to getting her own way. Storming off when he enters the room is so #DatedandRelated,” a fan added.

“Diana didn’t expect Kaz to defend his brother when she’s her sister’s mouthpiece. Uuuuggghhhh I don’t like these girls at all. They’re WAY TOO insecure to be with a confident man like the Bishops. #DatedandRelatedNetflix #DatedandRelated,” one fan said. “Nina and Diana are the type of girls that i wouldn’t like in real life soo i really can’t stand them on the show #DatedandRelated,” said a fan. “These two Iranian girls love drama Netflix is so desperate to make them the center of the show,” another fan mentioned.








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