‘Dated and Related’ on Netflix: Is Alara creating a rift between Nina and Kieran?

‘Dated and Related’ on Netflix: Is Alara creating a rift between Nina and Kieran?
(L to R) Alara, Nina, and Kieran in 'Dated and Related' Episode 4 (Netflix)

PARIS, FRANCE: The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind while watching reality shows is their quotient of drama and spicy controversies. Looks like the same is coming true for Netflix’s newest dating reality series ‘Dated and Related’. In just the first few episodes, fans have witnessed how the sibling duos are pumped up to tear the friendships and bonds apart with their entry into the house. While there’s definitely an overprotective angle, the over-the-top drama is quickly changing the pace of the game which is all about having a chance at true love, with even your siblings doing the same. They do it in front of each other without any inhibitions.

The recent episode of the reality series was a potpourri of emotions, drama, budding bonds, kisses shared, a messier love triangle, revelation of being better than others, which did make everyone curious enough to know what would happen next in this captivating reality series that has garnered mixed responses from viewers across the globe.

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 The episode starts with Alara saying, “Last night was very fun. Very surprising.” We then see her saying, “Last night, I approached Kieran and gave him a kiss.” This indicates that Alara has finally set her sights on Kieran. It also explains how she would do anything in her capacity to vibe with him. She is deeply smitten with him which is evident on her face. This also hints that she is ready to create a rift between Nina and Kieran if the need arises on the show.
Alara also added, “I love his energy. I think we’ve got something going on. There’s definitely an attraction which I’m loving. I think I am his type more than Nina.” This confirms the fact that she is ready to pull out all stops to get together with Kieran, even if it means removing Nina from her path.
Then Alara asked Kieran, “How was the kiss?” Her question clearly refers to his and Nina's kiss. To which Kieran replied, “The kiss was nice. It was a succulent kiss. I can’t lie.” He also told Nina, “You got good lips.” At this, Nina slightly smiled, but then Alara felt irritated by listening to Nina’s praise and said, “I can do a better job.”
Then we hear Kieran saying, “There’s a little bit of tension and there’s a little bit of fury in the air between the two of them right now. Listen I’m not going to lie, Alara has absolutely spiced up the whole villa. I ain’t gonna try and attract it, you know what I mean. I’m not going to shut it down either.”
Nina said, “I mean Alara loves to make comments. But the issue it’s more that Kieran is entertaining it. I do really like Kieran. But like, I’m sensing red flags so I will keep a sharp eye open.”
‘Dated and Related’ is streaming now only on Netflix.

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