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Where are the Bishop brothers from 'Dated and Related' now? Twins had their second successful run on reality show

The Bishop brothers, who initially appeared on 'Celebs Go Dating' in 2021, return to Netflix's newest reality dating series, with one of them leaving $100k richer
Kieran and Kaz Bishop (Instagram/kieranbishop__/kazbishop_)
Kieran and Kaz Bishop (Instagram/kieranbishop__/kazbishop_)

LONDON, UK: Netflix surprised us with 'Dated and Related,' a fresh new reality TV dating series centered on a pair of siblings dating other sibling duos. Kieran and Kaz Bishop are one of the sibling pairs who appear.

Despite being twins, Brits Kieran and Kaz have quite diverse love lives. Kaz, a fireman, is a self-proclaimed player who must settle down, but class clown Kieran, a banking consultant who was formerly in a decade-long relationship with his childhood sweetheart, is a romantic at heart who will accept nothing less than perfection. And it appears that the two have been each others' wingmen before — the two previously participated in the UK show 'Celebs Go Dating.'


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For those who missed the Bishop brothers on 'Celebs Go Dating,' Kieran is a car fanatic who has tried and failed at love several times, whilst Kaz has never been in a relationship. Indeed, Kaz is a perfectionist who likes to take his time getting to know someone. Nevertheless, the brothers are now starring in Netflix's new show. Sent to a sumptuous home in the south of France, the brothers may have finally found love, with one of them walking away with more than just the girl of his dreams.

In 2022, Kieran Bishop kept his dating life a secret. Given that 'Dated and Related' was slated to air this September, it was only natural that he would be apprehensive about giving out spoilers. Fans are aware, however, that Chloe Ferry fell for Kieran on 'Celebs Go Dating' a year before 'Dated and Related.' Kieran, she said, was not like her previous boyfriends, who were all nasty lads. Moreover, the star's devotion to his family and his approach to women knocked Chloe off her feet. Outside the taping, Chloe introduced him to several of her friends, who were equally pleased. Sadly, despite feeling "positive about their future," the two couldn't find common ground in the end.

Kieran may not have won the prize money, but at the end of his journey on 'Dated and Related,' he met someone. Kieran began his quest for love with Nina Parsijanis and eventually found his way to Alara Taneri, with whom he made it all the way to the finals. Alara joined the cast of the show in episode three, alongside her brother, Ceylan. They are Cypriots who live in London. Alara, a fashion design student with a lot of energy and emotion, was a late bloomer when it came to dating and sex. She has guys falling for her charm, and despite her fair number of dating mishaps, she was still hoping for that special someone.

Alara didn't hesitate to claim the man she had eyes on the moment she stepped foot in the villa. After a bit of a scuffle between her and Kieran and Nina (who he was with at the time she joined the show), everyone found "the one" for themselves. Even though it's unknown whether the couple is still together, viewers can hope to find out what happened to Alara and Kieran outside the villa in the days to come because the show was taped in 2021. But, as of now, their social media accounts don't reveal much.

Kieran and Alara in 'Dated and Related' (Netflix)
Kieran and Alara in 'Dated and Related' (Netflix)

On the other hand, things seemed to be going well for Kieran's brother, Kaz, and his co-star, Diana Parsijani, as they were voted the show's winners. The show's winning pair found love and won the $100,000 grand prize, but considering how the show was taped nearly a year ago, fans must be wondering if Kaz and Diana are still together.

A still from 'Dated and Related' (Netflix)
A still from 'Dated and Related' (Netflix)

As of this time of publication, it is unknown whether Kaz and Diana's relationship has survived their appearance on 'Dated & Related.' Regardless, both winners live in London. On social media, the duo aren't exactly forthright about their relationship status. Perhaps it's because they prefer to keep viewers wondering when they watch the latest Netflix reality program. Diana, a jewelry designer, described herself as a "hopеlеss romantic" who "falls in lovе еasily and is quickly lеft hurt by mеn." In contrast to his twin brother Kiеran, Essеx-born firеfightеr, Kaz approaches relationships in a "completely different" way. The "self-confessed playеr" has previously stated that he "can’t stop playing thе fiеld and juggling multiplе womеn at oncе."

We don't know anything about the relationships of the show's other two final couples. Nina and Kiеran, like the previously mentioned siblings, have also not shared any information about their relationship on social media, instead updating followers with pictures of their ostensibly spectacular daily lives. Alara, a fashion designer, and Daniеl, a client service specialist, are in a similar scenario. Since making it to the final, they've kept their love lives a secret.

If you want to follow the Bishop brothers' journey to find love, don't forget to watch 'Dated and Related' on Netflix, where the complete season is now available.