Is DaBaby homophobic? Rapper blasted for rant at Rolling Loud Miami: 'He's human garbage'

After facing backlash over Rolling Loud Miami rant, DaBaby took to his Instagram to address the issue and even TI ended up supporting him

                            Is DaBaby homophobic? Rapper blasted for rant at Rolling Loud Miami: 'He's human garbage'
DaBaby came under fire after his Rolling Loud performance (Rich Fury/Getty Images)

DaBaby, who recently performed at Rolling Loud Miami 2021 edition at the Hard Rock Stadium, courted a new controversy during his set when he went on a rant against gay people. The ‘BOP’ hitmaker made a few comments which did not go down well with social media users.

After facing backlash on the internet, the 29-year-old rapper then took to his Instagram account to address the issue. Rapper TI also intervened in the matter where he ended up supporting DaBaby. The multi-platinum rapper’s Rolling Loud Miami set had already bagged a few headlines when he had a shoe thrown at him in the middle of his performance. And if that wasn't enough, DaBaby also brought Tory Lanez on the stage with an intention to apparently poke Megan Thee Stallion.

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DaBaby performs onstage during Rolling Loud at Hard Rock Stadium on July 25, 2021, in Miami Gardens, Florida (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Is DaBaby homophobic?

During his performance, the Ohio native stated, “If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases, that’ll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cellphone lighter up.” He added, “Ladies, if your pu**y smell like water, put your cellphone lighter up. Fellas, if you ain’t sucking d**k in the parking lot, put your cellphone lighter up.” One person in the background, which is being assumed as his DJ, added, “Let’s be real about this sh*t, some of y’all (N-word) suspect as a mother*****r.”
Rapper TI had also weighed in on the issue where he posted a comment, as shared by The Shade Room saying, “If Lil Nas X can kick his sh*t in peace… so should dababy.” In a video later shared on his Instagram, he insisted that he was not homophobic. “Ain’t nothing in the world gon’ make me hate somebody cause they do something different in the bedroom than I do. You can’t make me homophobic just ‘cause I’m proud to be heterosexual. Ain’t no hate in that.”



DaBaby clears the air on ‘sucking d**k’ remarks

DaBaby’s controversial remarks on the LGBTQ+ community ensued chaos on Twitter and looking at the same, he decided to hop on Instagram and clear the air on the matter. Speaking on the same, he asserted, “I’ma address this weak-a** internet sh*t one time and then I’ma get back to giving my love to my fans. What me and my fans do at the live show, it don’t concern you (N-word) on the internet, or you bitter bi**hes on the internet. It’s not your business… What I do at a live show is for the audience at the live show, it’ll never translate correctly to someone looking a little five-six second clip from they goddamn crib on they phone. It just don’t work like that.”

DaBaby, who has close to 20M followers on Instagram continued explaining his behavior saying, “All my fans at the show, the gay ones and the straight ones, we turned the f**k up. My boy had a crop-top on, front row. … Shut the f**k up, you (N-word) that ain’t at the show.” He further stated, “The lights went up gay or straight, you wanna know why? ‘Cause even my gay fans don’t got f**king aids, stupid-a** (N-word). They don’t get aids, my gay fans they take care of they self. They ain’t no nasty gay (N-word), see what I’m saying? They ain’t no junkies.”


‘He was gonna let the world know he's a human garbage heap’

Social media users took to Twitter to slam the rapper for his rant. One user stated, “Dababy has some explaining to do. I’m just really bothered by what he said. To refer to HIV and AIDS as a “deadly disease” that kills people in “2-3 weeks” is disgusting and dangerous at best. Like. Why would you say that?” Another shared, “Can we get dua lipa to re-record the levitating remix with @lilnasx instead bc dababy is a homophobe.” One person added, “Dababy is performing in front of thousands of people and angrily thinking about gay men sucking d**k in the parking lots….why exactly? I have so many follow up questions.”
The next one tweeted, “Lordt...when DaBaby decided he was gonna let the world know he's a human garbage heap, he fully committed to that sh*t.” One user posted, “As a tall gay man, I am committed to doing my part for the community — I promise to step on DaBaby if I ever see him in person.” Meanwhile, one individual claimed, “DaBaby is homophobic, misogynistic, sexist, and abusive. If calling him short is problematic well damnet cancel me bc that lawn gnome needs to go.” 








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