DaBaby's crimes: A look at rapper's legal troubles as he gets arrested for carrying loaded gun in car

DaBaby's crimes: A look at rapper's legal troubles as he gets arrested for carrying loaded gun in car
DaBaby (Getty Images)

Rapper DaBaby was arrested at the famous Rodeo Drive after a loaded handgun was found in his vehicle on January 7. According to the publication TMZ, the North Carolina native was stopped by Beverly Hills cops along with three men and was detained for carrying a loaded firearm with him.

According to the video obtained by the publication, the rapper can be seen leaving the Moncler store on Thursday, January 7 as multiple cop cars surrounded their vehicle. Law enforcement sources revealed to TMZ that it was someone from inside the store who called the cops telling them that the rapper and his group were carrying weapons. If reports are to be believed, the cops initially detained everyone in the car but it is DaBaby who is going to get booked on a misdemeanor charge of carrying a loaded firearm. 

Dababy performs onstage during Made In America - Day 2 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 01, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Getty Images)

What exactly happened?

E! News further confirmed that it was a guard from the Gucci store on the Rodeo Drive who called the cops. A spokesperson of the Beverly Hills Police Department told the publication that they got a call at 5 pm after the guard allegedly witnessed a group of men, one of which was described as having a “handgun in his waistband,” walking on the Rodeo Drive.

The spokesperson of E! News also shared, "Police made contact with the group after they entered a vehicle and were preparing to leave the area. An investigation followed and a 9MM handgun was found in the vehicle.”  According to authorities, the 29-years-old hip-hop artist is currently being booked at the Beverly Hills Police Department and has not yet been charged.

Fan reactions 

DaBaby attends Sir Lucian Grainge's 2020 Artist Showcase Presented By Citi and Lenovo at Milk Studios on January 25, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

The news about the ‘Practice’ hitmaker getting arrested soon hit the Internet where a lot of social media users spoke about the same. One person tweeted, “So Dababy gets arrested for a gun but people who break into the capital , with bombs...” Another expressed, “Dababy got arrested? I’ll bail him out.” One posted, “Dababy has been arrested more than the number of flows he has.” One user asserted, “This ni**a dababy stay getting arrested ik he fed up w all this bullshit.” Another added, “Just watched the whole video. dababy got arrested for carrying a gun on him. in a car. cause this genuinely breaks my heart cause he didn’t do shit. it’s so sad all the people around him and like “want are you doing” he literally has a song called damn handgun and was prob...” One made fun of his arrest and pointed out, “He should have been arrested for making that his stage name.”














DaBaby’s legal troubles

DaBaby performs onstage during the Power 105.1'S Powerhouse 2019 presented by AT&T at Prudential Center on October 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Getty Images)

The six-time Grammy-nominated artist has a long history with the crime even before he got famous. According to the website Baller Status, the rapper’s first encounter with an arrest was at the age of 21 or 22. DaBaby, whose legal name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, got arrested for the possession of marijuana. In this same instance, he was also found with possession of drug paraphernalia. The rapper was also involved in a shooting incident at a Walmart in Huntersville, North Carolina in November 2018. He was later found guilty of “carrying a concealed gun”.

The same website reports that DaBaby was arrested in December 2019 in North Carolina for possession of marijuana. According to reports, he resisted arrest when confronted by law enforcement. Cut to January 2020, the rapper was all over the headlines once again for his crimes. The rapper was arrested for alleged battery. He apparently got into an altercation with a club promoter after he was given $20,000, instead of the $30,000 promised. 

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