DaBaby shouts 'Adida' after shoe thrown at him, Internet jokes it's singular for 'Adidas'

'Who the f**k threw that busted ass Adida?' asks DaBaby after shoe was thrown at him during Rolling Loud performance

                            DaBaby shouts 'Adida' after shoe thrown at him, Internet jokes it's singular for 'Adidas'
DaBaby performs during the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on March 14, 2021 (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Rapper DaBaby ended up taking over social media on July 25, but not for his Rolling Loud performance. Instead, fans were left laughing after someone threw a shoe at him during the performance, leading to an expletive-laden question that involved the rather unusual term 'Adida'. 

DaBaby is currently receiving a lot of public attention, for various reasons. In March, fans speculated President Joe Biden was a fan of DaBaby after an old photo of him emerged with the same gesture DaBaby made famous. Then in June, he was widely trolled for seeking a feature with Jay-Z. In July, it was the rumor that he could be the father of DaniLeigh's baby that piqued public interest. 


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Controversies aside, DaBaby is also enjoying a lot of love from fans as he marked a return to live concerts with a performance at Rolling Loud Miami. It almost seemed like a perfect return, over a year after the pandemic put a halt on live performances. However, his quirky question quickly overshadowed his performance thanks to one attendee. 

DaBaby performs at the Hennessy All-Star Saturday Night at The Old Post Office on February 15, 2020, in Chicago, Illinois. ( Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

What is Adida?

The term 'Adida' began trending on Twitter on July 25 after the shoe-throwing incident at Rolling Loud. Once his performance was over, DaBaby asked for the lights to be turned on. He was interacting with the crowd when someone threw a shoe at him. DaBaby managed to duck the shoe, and it flew harmlessly away from him, but that wasn't the end of the incident. "Who the f**k threw that m------------ busted a** goddamn adida?" he asked. 

The question led to some laughs from the crowd and a lot of laughs on social media. Here's a video of the incident, posted by Elite Media Group. 


Given that it was dark, and the shoe was thrown pretty quickly, it's unclear if DaBaby caught a glimpse of the brand. It was likely he meant Adidas, and assumed the singular was 'Adida'. We don't know for sure, but it's not hard to imagine given DaBaby's brief, but a memorable association with the brand, making it likely they were the first to come to his mind when he saw the shoe. In October 2020, he uploaded several photos on Instagram with an Adidas puffer jacket and matching shoes. During the music video of his 2019 hit 'Bop on Broadway', DaBaby was also seen wearing an Adidas NBA jersey for the team Charlotte Hornets. 

'Why did he call it an adida?'

Social media was quick to notice the possible Adidas reference, and had a laugh in response. "IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY why did he call it an adida," one person asked. Another joked, "waiting for an account to appear as the adida shoe that was thrown at dababy." Another tweeted, "Until tonight I had never once thought of a single Adidas shoe as an #Adida Thank you for that."




"I been screaming all night at that shoe flying at dababy “busted a** adida” he even forgot the s and all," one person tweeted. Another said, "the fact that he said “adida” like it’s the singular form has me rolling." One user tweeted, "Adida being the singular form of adidas is hilarious." One person asked the most important question of all - ""Who threw that busted a** Adida?” How did this man scope out what brand of shoe it was while it was being thrown at him." Another user tweeted, "The way he says Adida takes me out for some reason."








If you are wondering if Adida is actually the singular for Adidas, the answer is - not it is not. Adidas is the name of the brand and doesn't have a variation for singular/plural.  Nonetheless, it is a fun little easter egg to play with, if you want to be like DaBaby.