Accuser targets Soojin’s MOM, (G)I-DLE fans and Knetz question bullying rumors

Initially, Knetizens had immediately turned their backs on Soojin when the accuser claimed that the ex-(G)I-DLE star had bullied their sister

                            Accuser targets Soojin’s MOM, (G)I-DLE fans and Knetz question bullying rumors
The accuser has yet to provide any evidence supporting their claims against Soojin (@official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

With Soojin’s accuser now targeting the former K-pop idol’s mother, (G)I-DLE fans and Knetizens are questioning the bullying accusations that cropped up against her in early 2021. During that time, several idols were targeted with rumors that they were school bullies. While a majority of the allegations turned out to be false, Soojin’s case is the most tragic. The ex-(G)I-DLE member shared that the rumors were untrue and even pointed out loopholes in the accusations. However, instead of helping her prove her case, her label Cube Entertainment put her on a hiatus and then revealed that she had left her group.

Fans everywhere were aghast with the outcome. Since many believe that it was all part of a systematic attack led by trolls to turn the general public’s opinion against these idols, they felt that even Soojin’s rumors were false. With school bullying being violent in South Korea, Knetizens immediately turn their backs on the idols targeted until there was proof that the rumors are false. But it looks like they are also warming up to Soojin after her accuser’s latest post.


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Accuser targets Soojin's mom

The accuser shared on their Instagram post that Soojin’s mother knew that her daughter was a school bully since she had been summoned by the school board regarding a bullying case involving the former (G)I-DLE star. The accuser said that when she met the mother she was told, “I thought you were going to praise my daughter [Soojin] for being so pretty.” The accuser also claims that there is a second victim who DMed her and hundreds of witnesses but since she has not actually provided any evidence, Knetizens are starting to doubt her claims.

In Soojin’s last public statement before she went on hiatus, she shared that her mother had indeed been called by the school violence committee. But they had come to the conclusion that she had not been involved in the bullying incident and it was another student, and so her mother was in tears that she had almost been mistaken as a school bully. When Soojin asked the accuser about the incident, the latter claimed that she did not know anything about Soojin's mother coming to school.


The accuser had also done an Instagram live and joked that she was coming in a taxi to kill Soojin because the K-pop idol had cursed at her younger sister. With Soojin being 14 and the accuser being 20, many Knetizens think that the accuser might have bullied her instead. There are reports that Soojin’s mother is also being harassed and cyber bullied due to the accuser’s latest post and Soojin’s sister’s identity was stolen. They had to end up moving from the home that they had lived in for 10 years.

Knetizens start doubting the claims

Knetizens are now calling the accuser’s claims ‘ridiculous’. One user posted, “If you take out the fake exaggerated parts, it's true that she fought with her friend and cursed out someone. That's it. Even if it was wrong of her to smoke and swear, she could've just reflected for a few months and made a comeback. She didn't deserve to get buried over this.”


One user wondered about the accuser, “Why is she gaslighting people and turning fans into psychopath b***hes. She's only this confident because she's hiding behind anonymous posts. She's saying she won't let it go but will accept it if Soojin apologizes, does she think we're stupid? It's hilarious how the same Nate board that supported her initial claims is now calling out her inconsistencies. Her sister is the [supposed] actual victim but she's hiding while the accuser is being vocal. This is the most incomprehensible school bullying case I've seen so far.” One said, “They not only ruined Soojin's life, but family's identity was exposed and her sister is still a young student. They need to apologize to (G)I-DLE fans too.”

'She deserves better'

(G)I-DLE fans on the other hand have been tweeting that they always knew something was off about the allegations. One fan tweeted, “The way we’ve BEEN saying the story NEVER made any sense from the beginning. the accuser kept switching her story especially when she was called out for lying and most importantly there is no proof. soojin has been so transparent and honest from the start and she deserves better.”

Another said, “For the nevies in the qrts: just a reminder that no, it's not too late FOR HER. So although I understand and share the anger towards knetz, let's remember to also get happy that people are FINALLY seeing her side, and what that means for ~her. Soojin deserves this.” One upset fan added, “I cried while reading this, Soojin and her family really going through a lot from this accusation.” Another commented, “When will we see you smile like this again, soojin :(.”






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