Corrina Kopf OnlyFans nude leak: YouTube star claims 'minors' responsible

Corrina Kopf OnlyFans nude leak: YouTube star claims 'minors' responsible
Corinna Kopf joined OnlyFans on June 9 (@corinnakopf/ Instagram)

YouTuber Corinna Kopf appears to be on the warpath over her OnlyFans. Kopf is currently facing massive backlash over her approach to the leaks, adding to the widespread criticism over her already controversial account. Reportedly, she's been reposting her Instagram photos on the site, duping fans who have been coughing up $25 per month.

OnlyFans, the controversial adult platform has drawn a wide range of celebrities like Madonna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Michael B Jordan, and Ryan Kelley. While some have been more willing to share X-rated content, others like Kopf and Jordyn Woods have often been at the receiving end for sharing more family-friendly content. It has also become a popular avenue for others, with a California mom Tiffany Poindexter earning $150,000 a month. 


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But while it's an immensely popular way to make money, OnlyFans creators have had to constantly battle the slew of leaks. Recently Avery Warner and Deavan Clegg have had their pictures leaked, and it seems like Kopf is the latest victim. But that's not what's making news, instead, it is her handling of the situation.


Who is leaking Corinna Kopf's pictures?

Kopf didn't share any X-rated content on her account immediately after opening it on June 9. Despite the massive backlash, she tweeted, "people who think my onlyfans is about to be just “instagram content”... you’re dead wrong. if i posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked...just wait..." 


It seems like those fears have come true. On June 10, she tweeted that "minors" were responsible for leaking her nudes. While those tweets have now been deleted, Twitter saved screenshots to slam Kopf. In the series of tweets, she said, "the underage idiots with your age in your bio sending out my OF content are about to be f---- also hahahaha." She then tweeted, "it's illegal to sign up for an 18+ site when you are underage." She said "a long list of people who are leaking content is being made," and claimed, "I am about to make more money off these people than my OF itself."


It appears as if Kopf has indeed uploaded some nudes, with a Twitter search revealing many users selling them and sharing censored versions of the photos. OnlyFans requires users to be over 18 when signing up for the platform and is yet to respond to the allegations when Business Insider reached out. Insider also claimed to have identified one user who was 17 years old. Not everyone appears to be happy with her approach to the situation, which was widely slammed.

'She's one of the thirstiest people out there'

As screenshots of Kopf's tweets began to circulate, Twitter was quick to slam the YouTuber. "Does she expect children to financially compensate her? Like she thinks she’s winning by suing people who have probably no money ??" one person asked. Another said, "She’s truly one of the thirstiest people out there." Another user replied, "She seems lovely." "Children are on her onlyfans and she’s more concerned about suing them. Wow," one person said. Another trolled, "Rich white women are f------ audacious lmao."







Kopf has since deleted the controversial tweets and is yet to address the matter. Despite the high risk of leaks, the site remains a popular avenue for sex workers and celebrities, who are eager to cash in, with pandemic restrictions still in place in some countries. 

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