Who is Deavan Clegg? '90 Day Fiancé' star trolled after semi-nude pics from OnlyFans leaked: 'Tacky at best'

Since some of her OnlyFans pictures had already been leaked, she announced she might as well make the account for free, at least for a day

                            Who is Deavan Clegg? '90 Day Fiancé' star trolled after semi-nude pics from OnlyFans leaked: 'Tacky at best'
Deavan Clegg (Instagram/deavanclegg)

Deavan Clegg, shot to fame after she appeared on TLC's ‘90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ with her South Korean ex-husband, Jihoon Lee. Her stint on the show was riddled with controversy since there was the clash of languages and culture and also by the end of it news emerged that she started having another relationship while she was still married. 

Clegg now seems to have dug an Internet-sized hole for herself. The reality star recently announced on Instagram that since some of her OnlyFans pictures had already been leaked, she might as well make the account for free, at least for a day. Clegg wrote on Instagram, "My OF is now free for the next 24 hours when people try to leak just make it free right anyways enjoy! Link is in my bio!"

Well, that move spectacularly backfired as one over-enthusiastic follower from Reddit, posted ALL the content from her OnlyFans account onto the platform making it essentially free for all. The worst part, it came with the caption 'boring' content and a line that the poster did not feel bad about posting it since she announced she was making it free. 

Reality TV stars like to use their brand to make extra money. Some, like former '90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?' star Nicole Nafziger, choose to promote news stories with clickbait titles on their Instagram accounts while others sign up with OnlyFans to share their raunchy photos and videos. 


Clegg opened her OnlyFans account in June last year and has been busy posting “explicit” images ever since. She charges $3 per month and so far, there are around 80 photos. Initially, she allegedly used her account to raise money for a breast augmentation, reports Screenrant. However, it’s pretty safe to say that she isn’t making much from her OnlyFans account. When her photos were first leaked, Clegg blamed her estranged husband, Jihoon but it is unlikely, he's the source behind this mischief. Clegg has also previously accused Jihoon of doing vile things to her and her kids that she can’t yet go into detail about. 

Clegg has also been receiving a lot of backlash for her Instagram posts also lately. She was recently accused of manipulating her boyfriend Christopher 'Topher' Park's reply while hosting a Q&A session with her fans. Then, her ex-husband Jihoon threw shade at her and suggested she quit social media. But, she isn't backing down. In fact, she took her game up a notch and posted a cuddly video with her new beau with a shocking hashtag, "hubby." Park is an actor, but he’s also a model, blogger, and accountant. Park also owns a digital fashion magazine called Toph&her and has his own YouTube channel under the name Crispygolpher.


Many TLC viewers would know that Clegg and Jihoon met online and within no time, they were pregnant with their first baby. Eventually, the 24-year-old Utah native relocated to South Korea and married Jihoon. Soon, there was trouble in paradise. Clegg left South Korea after telling Jihoon that she will be back in a month. But, she changed her mind and started dating her new man in America. When some fans questioned her intentions, she claimed that Jihoon was abusive toward her daughter, Drascilla. So, she had to end that relationship. However, many fans didn't trust her side of the story as they have seen the airport scene in which Drascilla and Jihoon were saying "love you" to each other while parting ways. 

Since her OnlyFans images were released, social media users were disappointed because they found Clegg looking drastically different in her images. In fact, they accused her of using excessive filters on each image. One wrote on Reddit, “Tacky is a good word to describe it.” Another viewer commented: "Every single photo looks like a different person," indicating the level of filters on each image. Others poked fun at her attempt to make money through OnlyFans: "She couldn't get enough subscribers at the $5 level so she had to make it free?! Hilarious. Please just get a real job Deavan. This is so embarrassing."


Many fans noted that while the reality star posts sexy bikini shots to her account, but she doesn’t pose nude. However, one did note that Clegg asks for extra money when going for a more explicit look. Some Redditors noted that she had shared semi-nude images with them and even posted some to prove it. Another compared Clegg’s account to that of fellow ‘90 Day Fiancé’ star, Larissa Lima, the difference being Larissa makes good money from her Instagram account. 

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