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DJ Khaled and Fat Joe open joint OnlyFans account: Here's the cost and why it's being trolled as a 'sick joke'

They plan to use OnlyFans to share inspirational talks and motivational content for their followers
UPDATED JAN 20, 2021
DJ Khaled and Fat Joe (Getty Images)
DJ Khaled and Fat Joe (Getty Images)

The latest to join the OnlyFans legion are musicians DJ Khaled and Fat Joe. The duo has featured in multiple music videos together. They are known to be close friends, who hang out together quite often and now they wish to give fans a direct sneak peek into their personal lives. The account is now live on the website. You can start following them with a subscription worth $20 a month.

On Tuesday, DJ Khaled took to his Instagram page to announce the big launch of his joint OnlyFans account with Fat Joe. He announced his plan to share exclusive snippets of his fun-filled moments with the rapper, and create a community of motivational content, which he refers to as ‘the light’. “We want to get to know our actual fans,” Fat Joe remarked, adding that the aim of their joint account is to spread positivity.

Why is OnlyFans controversial?

OnlyFans is a platform launched in 2016 that allows fans of a particular celebrity or individual to get a glimpse of their lives in exchange for a subscription. However, in the first few years since its launch, it has witnessed a lot of pornographic or overtly sexual content being uploaded. It became widely popular among sex workers who would upload any kind of photos or videos without any restrictions. 

However, it again emerged in the news in 2020, after more people started using it during the worldwide pandemic to promote porn and earn money. Thanks to Beyonce, who mentioned OnlyFans in one of her new songs, OnlyFans’ popularity skyrocketed within weeks. Celebrities such as Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Aaron Carter, Tyga, Blac Chyna have joined the forum with a sizeable fan following, helping them earn a hefty profit. 

Fat Joe and DJ Khaled during the Savage X Fenty Show Presented by Amazon Prime Video at Barclays Center on September 10, 2019, in Brooklyn, New York (Getty Images)

Though OnlyFans is used by all kinds of content creators, it is primarily known for its controversial content. Hence, there is a common notion that anything and everything shared on an OnlyFans account is sexual in nature. Perhaps that is why DJ Khaled and Fat Joe are facing backlash from fans for joining the platform. 

The duo, however, has no such plans in mind. In their personal lives, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe are happily married to Nicole Tuck and Lorena Cartagena, respectively. The pair of friends have plans to use OnlyFans in a different way — by sharing inspirational talks and 'uplifting insights' for the followers. The description of their joint account reads: "welcome to the LIGHT - the page for fans to get exclusive motivational and inspirational content, where we will be guiding fans to “the light” while sharing uplifting insights and behind-the-scenes of our personal lives." 

The subscribers can also find the pair spend time together playing basketball, dining or hanging out with guests. 

Twitter is not happy

However, social media can be quite unforgiving at times. Fat Joe and DJ Khaled are drowned in a slew of tweets that slammed their move as a ‘sick joke’. 

"DJ Khaled and Fat joe are on only fans together! What type of sick joke is this !" tweeted an user.


Another user posted, "Here I am, trying to remain solemn and sober because of the lives lost due to COVID... Then I go to see what's trending on Twitter, and the first thing I see is DJ Khalid and Fat Joe launch an onlyfans account together..."


"DJ Khaled & Fat Joe are doing what now?!" another user expressed his disbelief at the news.


This user did not hold back on the sarcasm game. "Lmfao nah they’re gonna charge you for rehashed Khaled Snapchat stories and Fat Joe sermons," they tweeted.


This user expressed their confusion, "DJ Khalid and Fat Joe starting a Only Fans? Look I know the site host content other than sex worker content. But y'all gotta stop this."