Bella Thorne slammed for 'scamming' as she charges $200 for fake nudes and 'ruins' OnlyFans for sex workers

Thorne runs her own page in which she has not posted pictures any different from photos on her Instagram

                            Bella Thorne slammed for 'scamming' as she charges $200 for fake nudes and 'ruins' OnlyFans for sex workers
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Recently, news of Bella Thorne breaking records on OnlyFans, a website for sex workers and amateur porn actors, came out and Thorne was trolled for taking over a website meant to help sex workers earn a livelihood. Things escalated further on August 28, when non-celebrity members of the website slammed Thorne for ruining livelihoods of sex workers whose sole income comes from OnlyFans. Reportedly, the actor is charging $16 plus tips for subscribing to her and the pictures she shares on her OnlyFans profile. She signed up on August 14 and managed to earn a record-breaking $2 million by the end of the week. Thorne runs her own page in which she has not posted pictures any different from the snaps that have been posted on her public Instagram account.

The charges are marked in tiers — $16 for 30 days, $51 for three months or $102 for six months. While the site itself is X-rated and the money that users cough up is to see more than what one would share on public social media accounts, Thorne's account is filled with pictures of herself in a bikini or shorts.

While speaking about becoming a member of OnlyFans, Thorne had said that she was researching for a film that she is working on in collaboration with filmmaker Sean Baker. She told Los Angeles Times, "What are the ins and outs? What does a platform like this do to its users? What's the connective material between your life and your life inside the world of OnlyFans?" were things that she had wanted to learn more about.

However, turns out Thorne had charged her subscribers $200 to reportedly view a nude picture which wasn't actually nude. This has resulted in many subscribers asking for a refund and a viral tweet also accused Thorne of ruining OnlyFans for sex workers. This tweet clarified what went down and explained that after a request for refunds from many fans, OnlyFans has capped the pricing of subscription at $50 per view or a tip of $100. The creators will also have to wait 30 days to get their payments now instead of the original seven days.


An angry user shared, "Girl imagine being known as the asshole who ruined onlyfans for sex workers because you don't have a single movie iconic enough to be a different identifier. Bella Thorne needs to pick a struggle expeditiously."


One fan wrote, "I was giving this Bella Thorne/onlyfans thing the benefit of the doubt...but now that it’s pretty clear it was a stunt, and not a way to connect with her fans for more intimate content, and resulted in penalties to actual SW on that site... You’re an a*****e, Bella." This fan also added, "Again, what does she do?!? Is she holographic? Is it all just light and no substance? Until someone tells me otherwise I’m just going to assume she only truly exists as zeroes and ones in a computer program designed to titillate."


Another fan wrote, "If Sean Baker really wants to make a doc about OnlyFans then why didn’t he ask actual popular sex workers on the site and not... Bella Thorne..."


Many have also commented about the steep price that Thorne asks of her subscribers and one Twitter user wrote, "So I can understand paying $20 for some nudes, BUT $200 TO SEE BELLA THORNE??? Y’all are just fucking stupid, she’s not even that fine."


Another fan commented that fans who believed that they would get to see nude pictures of Thorne were naive. This fan wrote, "I don't know why yall believe female celebs when they say they'll show nudity if they have no track record of doing so lmao. Doja Cat, Rubi Rose and now Bella Thorne played y'all and made millions because you dudes are so stupid lmao."


Another frustrated user shared, "fu****g raging about Bella Thorne literally ruining onlyfans, like you’re a CELEBRITY! you have money! we’re out here trying to make money that we actually need. fucking hell this year just doesn’t stop for a minute does it."


The other celebrity members of OnlyFans include Cardi B, Black Chyna, rapper Rico Nasty, 'Love and Hip Hop' stars Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena, rapper Rubi Rose.

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