How much does Corinna Kopf earn from OnlyFans? David Dobrik stunned by figure

Corinna Kopf previously stunned NRG Clix when she mentioned she made 'six-figures a month' while casually playing a game of Fortnite

                            How much does Corinna Kopf earn from OnlyFans? David Dobrik stunned by figure
Corinna Kopf stunned David Dobrik with the amount she earns (Instagram/@corinnakopf, @daviddobrik)

Corinna Kopf might be facing the heat when it comes to her OnlyFans content, as many have slammed her for not uploading more racy photos, but it has not stopped her from multiplying her earnings manifold after she joined the platform less than a week ago.

The Youtube gaming icon shared the whopping number with David Dobrik, in his comeback video on Youtube since being accused of sexual assault by a former Vlog Squad member. While she used to make over $100,000 a month through her Instagram alone, ever since she joined OnlyFans, her earnings have shot through the roof. “[In] 48 hours, I made a little over a million dollars,” she said on the June 16 vlog, which took Dobrik by surprise. Adding to everyone's envy, she even shared that she gambled some of the money she earned, and won an extra $30,000 on top.



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How much does Corinna Kopf make?

Kopf has 5.7 million followers on her Instagram account, 1.76 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, dormant since February 2020, and 2.3 million followers on Twitter. And Instagram and OnlyFans are not her own sources of income. She revealed that on any given day, her diverse investment portfolio earns upwards of $70,000.

Despite refraining from mentioning exactly how much she earned across all platforms, she showed off her new $400,000 Ferrari on Dobrik's channel. Kopf previously took NRG Clix aback when she had mentioned she made “six-figures a month” while casually playing a game of Fortnite with the star streamer.


OnlyFans, the controversial adult platform has drawn a wide range of celebrities like Madonna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Michael B Jordan, and Ryan Kelley. While some have been more willing to share X-rated content, others like Kopf and Jordyn Woods have often been criticized for sharing more family-friendly content. It has also become a popular avenue for others, with a California mom Tiffany Poindexter earning $150,000 a month. 

Kopf criticizes fans who said her OnlyFans content was just like her Instagram

Speaking out against fans who said her OnlyFans content was just like her Instagram content, Kopf wrote on Twitter, “If you’re going to write a whole article about my only fans, you better have at least seen it so your facts are straight. Pretty sure I don’t show nipples on my [Instagram] feed but go on."


Her tweet came after Kopf got the internet all excited by launching an OnlyFans page. Kopf tweeted on June 4 that she would start an OnlyFans account if her tweet gets 500,000 likes. Her tweet went viral, prompting the social media darling to keep her promise. Interested fans have to pay $25 per month to view her OnlyFans photos which followers assumed to be exclusive.

However, fans who hoped to catch unseen glimpses of the influencer on the largely explicit social media portal were left sorely disappointed after Kopf reposted her Instagram photos on OnlyFans. Though she followed up with a series of tweets hinting at newer photos to come, her OnlyFans subscribers already accused her of 'scamming' them. Meanwhile, her nude photos were leaked online. On June 10, she tweeted that "minors" were responsible for leaking her nudes. Those tweets have now been deleted.

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