Did David Dobrik 'reject' Madison Beer? YouTuber clears rumors amid harassment claims from ex-Vlog Squad members

Did David Dobrik 'reject' Madison Beer? YouTuber clears rumors amid harassment claims from ex-Vlog Squad members
David Dobrik clarifies about 'rejecting' Madison Beer (Getty Images)

YouTuber David Dobrik has recently been embroiled in one controversy after another. He was recently in the middle of an alleged sexual harassment controversy and now the YouTuber is addressing dating rumours on his podcast 'VIEWS'. There is a long-running joke within the group Vlog Squad as well as fans that he "rejected" singer Madison Beer. On the latest edition of VIEWS podcast, Dobrik clarified saying that they "just never dated".

In the latest episode of 'VIEWS', which Dobrik hosts with Jason Nash, the duo had invited Beer to talk about her upcoming album. The course of the conversation soon turned towards ongoing jokes that Dobrik apparently "rejected" Beer. 


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Madison Beer attends the 2019 TrevorLive Los Angeles Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 17, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California (Getty Images)

Dobrik, 24, is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube with a massive following of over 18M on his main channel alone. Naturally, apart from being a controversial figure, he is also linked with many female internet celebrities including Corinna Kopf and even his own assistant Natalie. While these rumors have been put to rest, Dobrik says that his followers won't let go of one particular rumour, about him 'rejecting' Beer. 

It was Beer who brought up the 'rejection' dating rumor and told Dobrik to address it, saying, "I’m not even gonna speak, I’m gonna let him take the floor with this and just see where he goes." The YouTuber explained, "I was saying this to Jason before, I hate the whole rejection thing. Like I hate that people are like, ‘this is the girl who David rejected'." He added that the better Madison looks in a photo, the more comments there are about this so-called rejection.

David Dobrik attends the 9th Annual Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 13, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)

Beer then went on to claim that Dobrik didn’t seem keen on the idea of them dating even when Nash had brought it up in a previous podcast. The YouTuber denied this and said, "I’ve always been like, down…" When Beer finally asked him, "have you ever rejected me?" David replied with a "no" and then went on to look into the camera. "I never rejected you. We just never dated, that’s it. That’s the only story," he added. 

Dobrik might have addressed the rumors about his relationship status with Beer, but that doesn't mean his fans are over it. For those who shipped the two, a relationship could still be on the cards.

Dobrik is currently steeped in controversies. A week after Nick 'BigNick' Keswani called him out for making him feel "worthless", a former member of Vlog Squad, Seth Francois, alleged that Dobrik forced him to make out with Nash without his consent. "I decided to move to Atlanta because when I was in LA, after dealing with that video with Jason. Millions of people are misconstruing about my own sexuality and how I feel about participating in something that he didn't have my consent for," he opened up on the H3H3 Podcast with Ethan and Hila Klein. 


You can watch the 'VIEWS' video of Beer and Dobrik's conversation here. The topic starts at 9.50 minutes.



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