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YouTube’s ‘Released’: Coldplay Chris Martin’s interview with BTS feels ‘wholesome’

Chris Martin interviews BTS to celebrate the release of the 'Permission to Dance' Shorts Challenge and fans found it wholesome and heartwarming
Chris Martin interviews BTS (Bangtantv/YouTube)
Chris Martin interviews BTS (Bangtantv/YouTube)

ARMY have been excited to show their dance moves ever since BTS and YouTube announced the ‘Permission to Dance’ Shorts Challenge. We had everyone participating, from normal fans to dancers and idol fans. And the compilation is set to be released today. But before that, on September 10, BTS sat down for an interview for YouTube’s ‘Released’ with none other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin. And it does nothing to quench the collab rumors.

A few months ago, fans of both acts were excited when there were leaks suggesting that BTS will be featured in Coldplay’s new album. And after several spoilers from BTS and Coldplay themselves, the collab is as good as confirmed. And it doesn’t help that Chris Martin was chosen to interview the global K-pop group for YouTube. Not only that, fans found the whole interaction wholesome and heartwarming.

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BTS talk about the YouTube challenge (Bangtantv/YouTube)

Coldplay's Chris Martin interviews BTS

BTS spoke about the ‘Permission to Dance’ Shorts Challenge, the meaning behind it and what inspired them. They also reacted to some of the challenges and ARMY’s reason for participating in the challenges. They explained that they wanted to give a positive message and energy in these trying times. RM also explained that like the song, no one needs permission to dance and so even those who can’t dance can simply move their body and enjoy the challenge.

They also had several cute moments with Chris Martin as he confided that he wasn’t the best interviewer and that he respected BTS. BTS in turn assured him that he was the best. Chris, again and again, reiterated that he can’t dance and he only joined Beyonce and Bruno Mars in the Superbowl’s ending because he wanted to represent all those who can’t dance. But BTS hyped him up and said that they love how he moves on stage and at the Superbowl.

Chris talks to BTS (Bangtantv/YouTube)

J-hope also spoke about the importance of having unity and togetherness with fans since a concert is not possible without the audience’s energy. He also explained that even when it’s just the seven BTS members, there is a lot of encouragement and inspiration. And doing things together adds more meaning to that act. They were also touched that a blind fan and a deaf fan participated in the challenge with Jin explaining that it made BTS happy seeing the two fans together. He added that moments like this made him and BTS want to work harder to show their fans more.

Chris was also impressed that BTS had entered the field of politics by becoming Special Presidential Envoys. Suga explained that while that is not what they originally set out to do, he acknowledged that they do have an impact and if they can positively influence people, BTS will do everything they can. Chris also agreed that the more global artists get, the more they realize how they’re just one small human being and it’s a privilege to be a part of the whole story to which the boys agreed.

Watch the interview below.



Fans found the interview endearing as they made posts like, “Chris and BTS' interaction is so adorable,, and he really said "I'll do anything for you" THIS IS SO SWEET,” “Something about chris and bts’ interaction just hits on a new level of heart warming,” and “Chris Martin managed to, in 15 minutes flat, ask all the right questions that give any non fan watching an idea of exactly what BTS stand for and why so many people love them. He focused on their message and feelings this was so wholesome.” “Chris Martin did more research into BTS and their work/music than reporters who were supposed to write features about them. He really gets it,” said another.