Clare Crawley: 'The Bachelorette' star to remove breast implants after sexual abuse revelation

'Self love is the act of giving a voice to your truth. So here is mine,' the star said in an emotional Instagram post about her journey to healing

                            Clare Crawley: 'The Bachelorette' star to remove breast implants after sexual abuse revelation
Clare Crawley (Instagram/@clarecrawley)

'The Bachelorette' alum Clare Crawley recently took to Instagram to open up about how she was sexually abused as a child. 

The reality TV star, who was on season 18 of 'The Bachelor' and the lead of season 16 of 'The Bachelorette' spoke about how her abuse led to 'unhealthy relationships', where men treated her poorly. She is on the road to recovery, which entails surgery too, seeing that she is getting rid of her breast implants.


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Crawley got candid in her emotional post, which she shared alongside a photo of herself. "Self love is the act of giving a voice to your truth. So here is mine. As a child of sexual abuse, my young adult years were spent in unhealthy relationships feeling unworthy of the good ones. It was a vicious cycle, because the more I chose the wrong men who treated me poorly, the more I believed I wasn't good enough." she wrote. 

She also explained she decided to get rid of her breast implants for the sake of her health and wellbeing. "Enter the breast implants. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to get them, but the truth is it was money that would have been better spent on therapy to heal my wounded heart. I ended up spending the money on therapy anyway, cut to now. A woman who has learned to love herself deeply on the inside, knows her worth, and will fight for herself no matter what. I've learned the toxicity that these implants can cause on our bodies, as it has done to mine." she explained. 

"So I am stepping away from something that no longer serves me… not my heart, and certainly not my health. Surgery is this week! We are taking it back to Clare 1.0, who is lovable and worthy just the way she is" she added. As reported by Page Six, she decided to get rid of her implants after suffering from a rash and hive and health issues. 


The star also opened up about a past abusive relationship while on the 'Bachelor Happy Hour' podcast last year. "I had just gone through a really, really abusive relationship going into Juan Pablo's season," Crawley said and also mentioned that she dealt with poverty as well. 

"At one point, I was living in my car for three months, and I barely had a job making minimum wage being a hairstylist's assistant when I first started doing hair," she explained. "I was in an abusive relationship, and I just had lost my dad, too, so I was at, I would feel like the lowest of lows." However, she did find the strength when she told off Juan Pablo Galvis and stood up for herself after he made a lewd comment. "I hear it in my voice the whole time of trying to be strong, trying to be empowered, but then at the very end, having enough in me to be like, 'You know what? No, that's not okay. You don't treat somebody like that, you don't disrespect somebody like that.'" she explained, as reported by Page Six"I hadn't fully convinced myself of that yet, and so it took me time right after that to sit and process and go, 'What just happened, what do I need to work on, and why did that shake me?' And I'm glad it shook me," she added. 

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