Why did Michael Allio quit 'The Bachelorette'? Fans say Katie Thurston should 'ditch the rest'

Michael Allio made it to the top four on 'The Bachelorette' but when faced with a choice between his son and finding love, he chose the former

                            Why did Michael Allio quit 'The Bachelorette'? Fans say Katie Thurston should 'ditch the rest'
Michael Allio and Katie Thurston on 'The Bachelorette' (Instagram/ @bacheloretteabc)

For Katie Thurston, it's all down to the wire, seeing that she now has a top four, with 'Hometowns' fast approaching. In this segment on  'The Bachelorette', Katie gets a chance to meet the contestants' family.

With Blake Moynes, Justin Glaze, Greg Grippo and Michael Allio having made it to the top, it's now more complicated than ever for her to make the right choice, seeing that she has a beautiful connection with all four of them.

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But for Michael, there seems to be so much more on the line, seeing that he has a young son, James. After losing his wife Laura to breast cancer, Michael closed himself off to love, until he met Katie. Seeing that she was ready to jump headfirst into having a family -- something she's maintained throughout the season, Michael felt as though he found someone who was perfect for him and who would love James unconditionally.

However, when James implied that Michael was not around because he didn't want to be with him, Michael was torn. His absence was having an impact on his son, who missed him dearly. Michael then had a hard conversation with Katie -- although they were perfect, he had to leave. Katie knew she couldn't hold him back and that his son came first. As Michael walked away from their relationship, Katie couldn't help but wonder if she let her 'person' leave, seeing that with Michael, she knew exactly what her life would be. 

Fans were just as heartbroken as Katie was, seeing that Michael was truly a cut above the rest. "Just ditch the rest of them and go home with Michael!!!!!!!!! #TheBachelorette" tweeted a fan. "That was the most eloquent self elimination I've ever heard. Felt like it was written by the writers of This Is Us or something, even though it didn't feel scripted, if that makes sense. Anyway  #TheBachelorette," pointed out another

"You taught me how to love again." #TheBachelorette," said a fan, quoting Michael as he bid Katie a teary-eyed farewell. "I really think if he hadn't left Michael would have been it for her #TheBachelorette" pointed out a fan. "It's very possible that my person just left..." #TheBachelorette," tweeted a fan, quoting a heartbroken Katie .











Seeing just how emotional Michael got, fans couldn't help but feel that he does deserve his own happily ever after, even if it's with someone else. The 'Bachelorette' Nation wanted him to be the next 'Bachelor' and even had a solution for his family situation. 

"Michael for bachelor. But let his son be with him #TheBachelorette @bachnation @katiethurston @tayshia @kaitlynbristowe @BachelorABC" tweeted a fan. "Yes! They did this for Emily M's season - they filmed in North Carolina so she could be with her daughter #TheBachelorette" pointed out an other, with what seemed like a clear-cut solution. 





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