'The Bachelorette': Did Katie Thurston apologize to Thomas Jacobs? Fans want 'redemption story'

'The Bachelorette' may be nearing its end, but Thomas Jacobs' infamous exist is still a hot topic this season

                            'The Bachelorette': Did Katie Thurston apologize to Thomas Jacobs? Fans want 'redemption story'
Thomas James on 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

For Katie Thurston, the clock is ticking when it comes to finding the love of her life, seeing that the season is quickly nearing its end.

With Blake Moynes, Justin Glaze and Greg Grippo all fighting for her heart, the series' 'Hometown' segment might prove to be the make it or break it moment for two out of these three relationships. But top three aside, Katie has formed many meaningful bonds along the way, and so have the contestants. With 'The Bachelorette' tell-all episode, fans got a look into just what went on behind the scenes as the men spoke about their journey.


'The Bachelorette' 2021: Katie Thurston slammed for telling Thomas Jacobs to 'get out'

Is Thomas Jacobs using Katie Thurston? 'The Bachelorette' star slammed for wanting own show

This season wasn't without its fair share of drama, the biggest one surrounding Thomas Jacobs. Thomas, who did not join the tell-all, did tune in via video call. He finally got a chance to ask Katie about what happened after their final conversation, because according to him, the two of them were on a positive path in their relationship and he was caught off guard when she asked him to leave the show.

For some context, Katie was informed by the fellow participants that Thomas joined the show intending to become the next 'Bachelor', and they all felt that it was wrong, seeing that this meant he was using Katie. Katie opened up about her outburst and explained that when they were talking, she felt as though Thomas made light of their situation and that she went with her intuition to have him eliminated. However, she did apologize for any pain she caused him, effectively ending the whole drama then and there. 

Fans were quick to talk about how she handled the entire thing like a pro and laid it to rest once and for all, seeing that all the men kept getting riled up earlier regarding the situation. "Aww Katie apologized if she caused Thomas any pain!!! She's all class #TheBachelorette," tweeted a fan. "Dude, Thomas. Just stop. #TheBachelorette #bachelorette," begged another. "Bro Katie just did this to Thomas. She figured it out #TheBachelorette," joked a fan. 




However, not everyone was Team Katie, seeing that Thomas' statement about being open to being the next 'Bachelor' was completely blown out of proportion. "They really tried to make Thomas out to be a villain, but it was never that deep. Glad that's over, because it wasn't giving #TheBachelorette #MenTellAll #BachelorNation," pointed out a user. "The fact that Thomas isn't here is terrible - he was the most essential one to have at the Tell All in terms of the season's narrative #TheBachelorette," tweeted a user. "*Us pretending we weren't annoyed Thomas was last and stalking him on insta* #TheBachelorette," joked another, in agreement. "Unpopular Opinion: Everyone did Thomas wrong especially Katie with the "diss speech" when he left. #TheBachelorette," added a fan. "A Thomas redemption story, I’m here for it #TheBachelorette," tweeted another. 






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