Christopher Vera: Las Vegas ax-wielder arrested for smashing car window as mom and child escape unhurt

Christopher Vera: Las Vegas ax-wielder arrested for smashing car window as mom and child escape unhurt
Christopher Vera was detained on March 13 (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: According to reports, a man was detained by Las Vegas, Nevada police on March 8 after he allegedly used an ax to damage a stranger's vehicle while a child was inside. Christopher Vera, 33, was detained on March 13 and charged with stealing a car, assault, abusing a child, and causing more than $5,000 in damage to a vehicle.


At around 4.20 pm on March 13, officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to reports of a person carrying a knife close to a residence. According to police, the caller claimed that a man was causing damage to her car with what looked to be an ax.


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Vera claimed that he was trying to save a child who was inside the car

As per FOX 5 Las Vegas, when the police arrived at the scene, they discovered the car had significant damage, and when they searched for Vera, they discovered him inside his house. Vera consented to leave his house unprotected and on his own.


But when the police ordered him to approach them, he began pacing back and forth in front of his house instead. He was apprehended after two minutes when he started to walk backward toward the cops. Vera allegedly claimed to be hitting the car with an ax because he was trying to save a child who was inside.

The woman heard Vera screaming inside his house

According to FOX 5, the woman admitted to police that she did not have a romantic connection with Vera and that she once heard him shouting inside his own home while she was in the garage. Vera's actions prompted the lady to load up her child and some of her possessions into the car. While she was still gathering her belongings, the woman reportedly saw Vera swing an ax at her car, which was carrying the child. The woman allegedly ran back inside her home after grabbing her child.


She claimed that Vera continued to use the ax to hit her car after she removed her kid from it and then took a box of clothes from inside before leaving. Vera was detained at the Clark County Detention Center under a $24,000 bond.

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 Christopher Vera: Man arrested for smashing car window with ax as mom and child escape unhurt