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'He's trying to save me': Chrisean Rock retracts domestic abuse accusations against boyfriend Blueface

Chrisean Rock showed a split lip, black eyes and a bloodied nose on an Instagram video accusing Blueface of beating her
Chrisean Rock and Blueface have a mercurial and explosive relationship with both getting caught assaulting each other on camera more than once (Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Celebration)
Chrisean Rock and Blueface have a mercurial and explosive relationship with both getting caught assaulting each other on camera more than once (Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Celebration)

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Chrisean Rock, Blueface's girlfriend, has retracted accusations of domestic abuse she made against him on October 29. Rock, 22, went on Instagram Live and said, while having a conversation with a man off-camera, that she had been struck in the eye, leaving her injured as per Daily Mail.

The man is assumed to be her on-again/off-again boyfriend Blueface. In the video, she says to him, "You so dumb, you should have let me jump out, you on some weirdo s***, you busted my lip." She claims he hit her because she was texting another guy and tells the man she's speaking to that he's "too comfortable."


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Chrisean defends herself against accusations of being suicidal at one point. She claimed she wasn't and merely wanted to leave the situation, but it appears that she may have attempted to exit the moving car after whatever happened. The musician looks visibly distressed in the video, crying and shaking with barely suppressed emotions. Chrisean also shared a picture of her wounds, which she claimed included a smashed lip, a bloodied nose, and a black eye. "You slipped up, now you feel dumb ... you busted my lip and gave me a black eye. You came to my booking, to pick up my money, to disrespect me," she said. She soon deleted both the video and the photo from her Instagram

Chrisean later retracted her accusations in an Instagram story, writing that as she was trying to jump out of their car on the highway, Blueface was restraining her and bringing her back to safety. She claimed that she struck him as well. She was, in other words, entirely revising her story of what transpired.

"Sorry guys I had a menal breakdown/bad trip with the liquor trynna to jump out of a moving car on the highway. I will be working on my mental heath n liquor habits [sic]," she said in a caption over the clip. She also said, "He's trying to save me and I was, like, completely blacked out."


The two also tweeted back and forth, with Rock calling Blueface a "weird-a** n****" at one point and writing, "The most dangerous anger is built inside someone with a good heart."


Rock and Blueface have a mercurial and explosive relationship. In August, the couple were caught on camera physically assaulting each other on the streets of Hollywood, with Chrisean punching Blueface twice in his face and Blueface pinning her to the ground, as reported by TMZ.

Fans online exprssed their concern for the musician, but also seemed to shift blame onto her for not breaking up with Blueface after many instances of alledged abuse. One user wrote, "I really want Chrisean Rock to get some in her corner and really help her! I’m so tired of seeing her like that! Today was the last straw for me! It was like she was asking for help without really asking for it . Breaks my heart." Another wrote, "@ChriseanMalone I love you baby girl know that self love is the best."

One of the many users criticising Rock for staying with Blueface wrote, "@ChriseanMalone you have children that look up to you. Covering for a grown man who beat you up is not is the example you should be setting for these kids. Please show them better. You are a star! YOU DO NOT NEED WHOFACE. YOU made him relevant again. Please for once choose YOU"

Another person tweeted, "Chrisean rock is an idiot, she had a chance leave Blueface multiple times," while another said, "Not Blueface beat Chrisean Rock up and she’s crying to instagram showing that he bust her lip and broke her nose. What the fuck can we do? Social media told you to leave and you went and got 40 tattoos of his face on you." Another user seemed to hit back at the criticism against Rock, saying, "Chrisean rock literally gets no genuine support and that s**t breaks my heart. like y’all feel so bold and entitled enough to blame her for her own f*****g abuse. WHICH IS WHAT ABUSERS WANT YOU TO DO. use your f*****g head please."







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