Did Chris Chan violate EPO? Sonichu creator admits she stole $750 from mom's bank account

Confronted with a screenshot of the payment notification, Chris Chan said, 'This was an emergency. I plan on sending the $750 back to her account'

                            Did Chris Chan violate EPO? Sonichu creator admits she stole $750 from mom's bank account
Chris Chan and her mother, Barbara Anne Weston (YouTube/ CwcvilleGuardian)

Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler, a prominent transgender comic auteur, who was arrested following shocking allegations of sexually assaulting her own mother, Barbara Anne Weston— also known as Barb — has been accused of violating an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) after stealing from 80-year-old Barb who suffers from dementia. 

An emergency protective order, prohibiting Chan from contacting her mother, was issued till August 5 to ensure the well-being of the elderly woman. The 39-year-old YouTuber originally identified as a male. However, over the years, she discovered her identity as a transgender woman. In September 2011, Chan claimed to be a “tomgirl” while going through gender dysmorphia. In 2016, she went on to change her name to Christine and came out as transgender.


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Did Chris Chan violate protective order?


Chan's confidant, identified as Null, the operator of the Kiwi Forums has stepped forward accusing Chan of violating the Emergency Protective Order (EPO) issued against her. Incidentally, Null is also the one who shared a nine-minute audio along with screenshots of texts from Chan​, where she talks about pleasing a certain 'Barb' by rubbing her 'g-spot' despite the receiving party asking her to stop. 

Twitter user @F0rtuneL0wT1er has revealed that Null was one of the most fierce protectors of Chan and even considered adopting her after Barb's death. On July 31, on Kiwi Forums, Null wrote, "Chris gave me access to his emails years ago to help out a while back during the Joshua Wise situation. I've had access since. Chris is aware i have access to his emails, and after changing his passwords recently gave me access to them again. I've helped him deal with trolls signing him up for spam and newsletters and other things like that."

Null added: "I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th. I suggested that he take some time under the stars to reflect on his situation. Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38 am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750." 


Then Null revealed that Chan lied to the former when confronted about the money transfer. In screenshots of the chat shared with the viewers of the forum, Null is seen asking Chan, "Did you ask your mother to send you money? That is probably a violation of the EPO." Chan replied saying, "I did not ask her to send me money. I have refrained from contacting her at all, and continue to do so." When Null pressed, enquiring whether Barb had sent money on her own, Chan denied receiving any money from her mother, adding that she "managed to find blessings in the minimum abundance" she needed. 

This caused Null to send over a screenshot of the payment notification allegedly made to Chan that they had access to. After that, Chan finally confessed, admitting that she had online control of her mother's bank account. "And this was an emergency. I plan on sending the $750 back to her account after when the $1000 gets into my account." Null concluded the post by uploading a photo of the Emergency Protective Order filed by Barb against Chan, adding, "I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her" and "I've notified police." Twitter user @F0rtuneL0wT1er has also shared a photo of the EPO notice and confirmed that Null has severed all contacts with Chan. 


What is an EPO?

Emergency Protective Order or EPO is a legal order issued by a magistrate or judge to protect the health and safety of an abused person and his/her family or household members, which can often include Spouse, ex-spouse, parents, children, step-parents and step-children, siblings, half-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, persons who have a child in common, regardless of residence; in-laws, who live in the same home. 

According to Virginia law, "When a law-enforcement officer or an alleged victim asserts under oath to a judge or magistrate that such person is being or has been subjected to an act of violence, force, or threat and on that assertion or other evidence the judge or magistrate finds that (i) there is probable danger of a further such act being committed by the respondent against the alleged victim or (ii) a petition or warrant for the arrest of the respondent has been issued for any criminal offense resulting from the commission of an act of violence, force, or threat, the judge or magistrate shall issue an ex parte emergency protective order." Among the conditions imposed on the respondent under such an order, include, "prohibiting acts of violence, force, or threat or criminal offenses resulting in injury to person or property," which was what Null claimed Chan has violated. 

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