Who is Barbara Anne Weston? Chris Chan's mom whom she allegedly abused appeared in her videos

Who is Barbara Anne Weston? Chris Chan's mom whom she allegedly abused appeared in her videos
Chris Chan (R) with her mother Barbara (L) whom she allegedly sexually abused (Facebook/Chris Chan)

YouTuber Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler, who is popular as Chris Chan, was accused of sexually assaulting her 80-year-old mother, who suffers from dementia. The Sonichu comic creator allegedly confessed to sexually abusing her mother over chat, screenshots of which surfaced on social media and sent her fans into shock. After rumors about the sexual assault started going viral, Greene County police reportedly visited her residence for a wellness check.

According to unverified sources, Chan's mother Barbara Anne Weston is currently at the hospital for a senior care inspection while Chan has been removed from her residence. The transgender YouTuber had featured her mother time and again on her YouTube videos and social media posts. In fact, recently, she had shared a heartwarming post about Weston to wish her on Mother's Day. Though Chan had been embroiled in multiple controversies in the past, her relationship with her mother never appeared to be suspicious or unusual in her videos.


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Who is Barbara Anne Weston? 

Barbara Anne Weston, who was also called Barb, had appeared in several videos of the YouTuber and even interacted with her followers on occasions. Fans of the comic creator were well-acquainted with Weston and knew her as an 80-year-old dementia patient.


In one of Chan's videos, Weston showed off her blanket collection. Titled 'My Mother WORKED Hard, Spent Hard; Needs Money', the video shows Weston holding a handwoven blanket and narrate her struggles, as she appeals to viewers to buy the blanket. She states that she was "low on funds" and needed help. In another video, it was revealed that she would be selling signed photos and posters on eBay. 


Chan dedicated a heartwarming post on Facebook on May 10, wishing Weston a Happy Mother's Day. "Hi, Mom. Remember, everyone, regardless of situation, your Mom, Mother, or Motherly Figure had a life and past of her own back in the day before you came along. She has gone through a lot for not only you and yours, but herself as well. And Barbara Anne Weston Chandler still looks good for her wise age. #happymothersday2021 **Also, to whoever found and uploaded the pages and photos from the #RandolphHenryHighSchool 1960 yearbook, Thank You so much for doing that and allowing me to find this old photo of my mom," she wrote. Her post was accompanied by a series of photos of Weston at different ages, including a present-day photo of her with Chan. 

Chris Chan rose to popularity around 2000 when she released the Sonichu web comic series, which was aimed to be a combination between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. The comic went viral online in 2007 after Encyclopedia Dramatica mocked Chan for her comics. They accused her work of ridiculing women, being homophobic, and labeled Chan as a narcissistic and manipulative person. She was also trolled for her inappropriate behavior after the YouTuber said that she wanted a girlfriend with specific qualities and had dubbed the search as a “Love Quest.” Her ideal girlfriend had to have characteristics including being 18 and single and neurotypical. She said she wanted to be a house-husband, inviting further mockery as people accused her of not taking any responsibilities toward the relationship.

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