Who is Mia Hamm? Chris Chan lost virginity to prostitute for $150 to complete 'f**k quest'

Who is Mia Hamm? Chris Chan lost virginity to prostitute for $150 to complete 'f**k quest'
Chris Chan was arrested for allegedly raping her own mother, 80, who suffers from dementia (Facebook/Chris Chan)

Comic artist and transgender YouTuber Chris Chan was recently arrested following shocking allegations of sexually assaulting her own mother. The 39-year-old, whose real name is Christine Weston Chandler, was exposed after her chat records with disturbing messages got leaked online. The records showed Chan sharing explicit details about how she raped her 80-year-old mother Barbara Anne Weston, who happens to be a dementia patient. After being removed from her home, Chris Chan was arrested on August 1 by the Greene County Police from Richmond, Virginia.

This, however, is not the first time Chan has landed in controversy. She had been called out in the past for her sexist and homophobic comments or inappropriate behavior. For a long time, the YouTuber referred to herself as a 'Virgin with rage' and was known to be in a 'F**k Quest' to have sex for the first time. Eventually, in April 2012, she lost her virginity to a prostitute nicknamed Mia Hamm. At that time, Chan used to identify as a 'tomgirl' and was going through gender dysmorphia. 


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Who is Mia Hamm? 

According to CWC Wiki, Mia Hamm is not the actual name of the woman Chan slept with. Rather, it was her pseudonym fashioned after the former soccer player of the same name. 

Before meeting her, Chris Chan often posted explicit details about her sexual fantasies on social media. "I need some sex. I am no different from everyone else on that topic. I get horny. I think about it OFTEN. I'm dreaming of inserting my rod 'A' into female slot 'V'; followed by some lost genetics. Being an Adult Virgin SUCKS! Abstinance is a Joke. I am lonely. I am tired of being ignored and overlooked in public by women. I Need Some Sex," she posted on Facebook shortly before her sexual encounter with Mia Hamm. 


Prior to this, she had also expressed her reluctance to hire a prostitute for having intercourse for the first time, believing that it would make the act of sex meaningless. Despite prostitution being illegal in Virginia, Chan met Hamm through an ad on the site Backpage.com in April 2012. The latter reportedly advertised herself as a 'boyfriend-free hooker' and charged Chan $150 for an hour with her. It must be mentioned here that the site Backpage.com was pulled up by federal authorities in 2018 on sex trafficking charges. 

Hamm was described by Chan as a black-haired, blue-eyed woman of 24 with a "nice, likable and down to earth" personality. She was a young mother of two daughters with a man who had abandoned her. She reportedly worked as an escort to support her daughters as well as fund her own education. Chan especially mentioned that Hamm was half-Cherokee, a fact she reportedly "enjoyed". 

Chris Chan's Facebook post about Mia Hamm

The two met at the Days Inn hotel in Charlottesville for the first time, before having sex again a month later. Chris Chan shared her experience via a series of Facebook posts. In one of the posts, she wrote, "I have been in a good mood a lot lately, because I finally had sex, so I'll divulge a couple of details. I mean, seriously, I literally awake, and the first thing that comes to mind is the occasion, and I am smiling for hours. She was a very nice and sweet early 20s woman; and even better, she's half-Cherokee. We've hit it off from the shared characteristic of being good people, and a very delightful and pleasant conversation. We exchanged phone numbers, and we did it in her room. I put together a nice gift basket for her to show my appreciation. Aside from me and she, only one other very trusted friend, who led us to our meeting knows the full story. And in the future, the other person who will learn of it is my Sweetheart-to-be. If ya really wanna know, you'd have to stay with me for a long while and more."

Mia Hamm's real name and present whereabouts are unknown. As for Chris Chan, she is currently in custody as per the arrest records of the Henrico County Sheriff's Office. 

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