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Chicago prof Alberto Friedmann spits on Black woman and daughter: 'Don't like Blacks'

Alberto Friedmann hurled racial slurs at the woman and her daughter and has been charged with hate crime
Alberto Friedmann was arrested for spitting on a Black woman (LinkedIn)
Alberto Friedmann was arrested for spitting on a Black woman (LinkedIn)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: In a shocking incident, a professor at the National University of Health Sciences allegedly yelled racial slurs at a Black woman and spat on her and her daughter. Identified as Alberto Friedmann, the neuro kinesiology professor from Illinois has since been reportedly charged with a felony hate crime. The reason behind the unprovoked attack, as revealed by the professor, was simply that he does not 'like Black people'. 

The news was reported by the Chicago-Sun Times, who added that the attack went down at a Jewel Osco parking lot in Oak Park earlier this month. Not that long ago, just earlier this month, another man called Timothy Armstrong was arrested for getting drunk and hurling racist slurs at an Asian woman in an American Airlines flight. Three weeks ago, a Florida man yelled the N-word and reportedly attacked staff at the Miami International Airport. Last month, US Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland was also caught on video harassing a Black man in South Carolina.


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Friedmann's attack on the mother-daughter duo also resulted in one count of felony aggravated assault with a motor vehicle for accelerating toward the Black woman and almost hitting her with his car. The woman and her daughter were sitting in their car and heard someone honking and yelling before Friedmann dashed towards them with his vehicle.

According to the publication, after the repeated yelling and honking the woman looked up and saw the professor in a Jaguar behind her. That's when the professor yelled out the racial slurs at the woman, asking her to move the car. Friedmann then allegedly got out of his vehicle and approached the Black woman, all the time hurling racial slurs at her, reveals court documents. When the woman tried to open the door of her car, Friedmann allegedly pushed the door close on her and spat on her face. that's when he told the woman he spit on her because he doesn't like Black people, prosecutors said.

By this time, the woman's mother had allegedly already left the store and saw Friedmann yell slurs and spit on her daughter. The woman inside the car then got out and tried to take down Friedmann's license plate when he allegedly dashed his car towards her. This forced the woman to step aside to avoid getting hit, but Friedmann didn't stop at that. He then crashed his car into her twice, prosecutors say. Witnesses had to reportedly intervene before police arrived and took the man in custody.

Since news of the professor's behavior went viral, social media has erupted in fury over the incessant and deplorable attacks on Black people."They can't just let us alone. Fine, you hate Black people. So leave us alone," one user wrote. Another sarcastically replied to that: "Now where's the fun in that? What's the point of being at the top of the food chain if you can't treat the lesser beings like trash?" One asked, "Why do people have to be cruel?" Others are hoping the professor gets sacked from his employment. "I expect to read about his termination later today," wrote one user. Another further declared: "He should also have his bail revoked and remain incarcerated before and after conviction."