Who is Jonathan Pentland? US Army Sergeant caught on video harassing a Black man in South Carolina

The video was posted to Angry Staffer's Twitter handle on Tuesday night and has amassed close to 200K views

                            Who is Jonathan Pentland? US Army Sergeant caught on video harassing a Black man in South Carolina
Jonathan Pentland was caught on camera harassing a Black youth in a South Carolina community (jonathan.pentland, angrystaffer/ Facebook, Twitter)

A case of aggression against a Black person has come to light late on Tuesday evening. A video of a young Black man being questioned, confronted and violently forced to leave made it to Twitter at around 8 pm on April 13, 2021 night. In the video, a man can be seen yelling at a Black man to "walk away". Since then, many users have made come forward to help identify the aggressor. The man in question also says in the video, "I'm about to do something to you... Get out."

People on Twitter worked relentlessly to hunt the identity of the person and shortly after, the account — @Angry_Staffer — which had posted the video originally shared that the person in the video had been identified. "Alright, we have a positive ID on super douche. Meet Jonathan Pentland, US Army," the tweet read. There is no valid proof of the claims being made and we are waiting for the response of @Angry_Staffer on the matter. 


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Who is Jonathan Pentland?

In the first tweet related to this incident, the Twitter handle, Angry Staffer, posted, "Twitter, I’m told this super douche lives in The Summit in Columbia, South Carolina. If you recognize him, please DM me — I want to make sure the name I have is accurate before I blast it all over social media." In no time, Jonathan Pentland had begun to trend on Twitter and people had been resharing Angry Staffer's post in a bid to identify this person. 

One of the comments under the post read, "Jonathan Pentland, who claims to be in the @USArmy per his FB, in Columbia South Carolina is about to go through some things." But it looks like Pentland, who is believed to be a Drill Sergeant with Fort Jackson, has deleted his place of work from his Facebook profile. He has also switched his Instagram account to private. 

Jonathan Pentland has allegedly been accused of harassing a Black youth in a South Carolina neighborhood (jonathan.pentland/Facebook)

Why is Jonathan Pentland being slammed?

If the video shared by Angry Staffer is to be believed, the man was seen intimidating a Black youth and asking him to leave the neighborhood despite the young man telling him that he resided in the same community. The handle identified the person as Jonathan Pentland. However, there is no concrete proof and we have written to @Angry_Staffer to verify the identity.

"Walk away right now. You need help. You either walk away or I'm going to carry you out of here. I am about to do something to you. You are in the wrong neighborhood mother****er," the man can be heard saying in the video where the Black man kept explaining in a calm demeanor that he lived there as well. At one point, the unidentified youth pointed out that maybe Pentland was new to the community and maybe that's why he hadn't seen him around. "It doesn't matter," the man said continuing to imply that the young man was in the wrong neighborhood. The video has sparked a mass fury and outrage amongst people who want the Fort Jackson Commanding General to address this situation. 

Soon, many were agitated to see the video and the matter escalated. "@CuomoPrimeTime Get after this extremist in the military at Fort Jackson Staff Sergeant Jonathan Pentland, US Army, 1-61 Infantry Regiment Basic Training," one tweet read. 

Fort Jackson Commanding General also responded to the matter, saying, "This is by no means condoned by any service member. We will get to the bottom of this ASAP." Many others took to share his photos with his wife, Cassie Pentland.






We have contacted @Angry_Staffer and are waiting for their response. This story will be updated once we find out more. 

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