Who is Philipp Jordt? Chicago man, 44, attacks Black teen in bathroom and yells racist slurs

A White Chicago man faces hate crime charges after allegedly attacking a Black autistic teen, 19, and yelling, 'White people built this country'

                            Who is Philipp Jordt? Chicago man, 44, attacks Black teen in bathroom and yells racist slurs
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: A White man from the Near West Side in Chicago has been charged with hate crime and battery charges after he allegedly attacked a 19-year-old autistic Black teen and yelled racial slurs at him as well as at an off-duty Chicago cop. The Assistant State’s Attorney Darryl Auguste said that the incident reportedly happened at a urinal in the Pete’s Fresh Market grocery store bathroom when the accused, Philipp T Jordt, allegedly made racist comments at the Black victim, who was washing his hands.

The 44-year-old man is also accused of saying, “White people built this country.” But when he was presented in court, Judge John Lyke differed with him and said, “I’m quite certain there are a lot of African Americans who would beg to differ with that.” According to Auguste, Jordt allegedly first made it difficult for the teen to leave the bathroom. The victim then punched him once and exited the loo.


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But the surveillance video that had no audio showed Jordt following the teen outside and continuing to throw punches. The teenager’s grandmother was also at the scene, who alleged that the accused screamed racial slurs after leaving the bathroom. Reports said, two Chicago cops, who were working as security at the store during their off time, separated the two men. One of the officers, who was also Black, allegedly received racist comments from Jordt too, Auguste stated, who added that after being detained, the man confessed that he was drunk. 

Who is Philipp Jordt?

The accused, who is an ex-Marine, claimed that he has no issues with Black people except a few when they act in a specific way. Judge Lyke told Jordt, “What I’ve heard growing up is that alcohol is a truth serum. It tends to expose who you are.” Auguste said that though Jordt has never faced any conviction earlier, he has a pending misdemeanor trespassing charge. He was discharged from his Marine service under “other conditions,” which means he did not have an honorable or a dishonorable discharge, Lyke added. Currently, he is working as a security guard, Assistant Public Defender Jessica Hunter said, who added: “I do believe that there is much more than meets the eye here about the interaction between the complaining witness and my client.”

The bail amount for Jordt has been set at $150,000 and if he wants to be released with electronic monitoring, he has to pay at least ten percent of it. The judge also ordered the warrant for his outstanding misdemeanor and set the bond at $500. Jordt’s next court appearance is set for next Monday, July 26.

Meanwhile, people on the Internet have reacted to the case as a user tweeted, “Racist assholes need lessons like this to put them into their place.  Make racists afraid again!” Another one said, “Judge Lyke was all out of fucks for this guy.” “Anger management classes are definitely in order and a HISTORY class,” the third user said and the fourth added: “And when they are in handcuffs they start crying. Sad sad sad. Nice job knocking the old man out kid.”








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