Lauren Boebert uses Charlie Kirk's 'if you care about skin color' quote, dubbed 'idiot'

Quoting Charlie Kirk's now-deleted tweet, Lauren Boebert tweeted, 'If you care about skin color, you are a racist - Charlie Kirk'

                            Lauren Boebert uses Charlie Kirk's 'if you care about skin color' quote, dubbed 'idiot'
Charlie Kirk, the founder Turning Point USA, was trending again thanks to Lauren Boebert who used his quote to get her point across (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon and Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A staunch Trump supporter, Charlie Kirk is trending on Twitter yet again for making a seemingly 'racist remark'. Lauren Boebert, a gun gun-rights activist, who is serving as the US Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district since 2021 also became a target of trolling for quoting Kirk's tweet. Kirk's idea of what kind of people are 'racist' became a matter of joke on social media.

Quoting  Kirk's now-deleted tweet, Boebert tweeted, "If you care about skin color, you are a racist." - Charlie Kirk." As people started slamming Kirk and Boebert over their idea of racism, Kirk posted the same tweet again. His tweet read, "If you care about skin color, you ARE a racist." Boebert noticed Kirk trending on Twitter and doubled down on her take tweeting: "@charliekirk11 is trending because he is right and the blue checks hate it."




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Why Boebert made that post is unclear, but a look at her Twitter timeline suggests it could be a continuation of her tweet where she slammed Democrats saying: "iHeart Media should know that not hiring white men on account of their gender or whiteness is both sexist and racist… and probably illegal. Good work Democrats. This is the disgusting culture you’ve created."



Kirk is a Conservative activist and the founder of the right-wing organization Turning Point USA. This is not the first time Kirk has gotten into trouble on Twitter for his tweets. Back in October 2020, his Twitter account was blocked for spreading voting “misinformation”. 

Charlie Kirk (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


'If you're a Lauren Borbert or Charlie Kirk, you're a f**king idiot'

Internet slammed Boebert for quoting Kirk an 'idiot'. One user commented, “If you happen to be either Charlie Kirk or Lauren Boebert, you are a fuckwit.” - Jeff Timmer." Another tweet read, "Then again if you're either Lauren Boebert or Charlie Kirk, you're a fucking idiot." One user wrote, ""If you care about a white person, who still can't grasp basic principles and uses white privilege bathed in Straw Man fallacies to justify your blatant racism, then you are probably Lauren Boebert." - Everyone." Another commented, "If you don't care that people are systematically treated differently because of their skin color, you are a racist. Also, if you quote Charlie Kirk unironically, you are a moron. (And probably a racist.)"






'What if I like to be tanned?'

People also took a hilarious dig at Kirk's tweet and his definition of 'racist' One user commented, "What if I like to be tanned? :) (I need my Vit. D." Another user reminded Kirk, "Charlie, your organization literally runs a "Young Black Leadership Summit" Another funny comment read, "I was red when I got outa the shower so im an Indian." One user explained in detail, "No, if you judge someone based skin color you're a racist. Caring is an odd word choice, you may care because you know a group has been marginalized and you want to change that, you may care because you see inequality and that is wrong. Better word choice next time."





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